25 January, 2009

It’s already half past 9.
Chinese New Year is coming!! In less than 3 hours time :)
If everyone is rushing back to their hometown, or complaining bout being stucked in the boring kampung, I am soooooo tired that I am stucked at home for the past whole week!

Wondering what is going wrong with my life?
I am SICK. Yes, I am still sick.
I still have sore throat although I was already able to attend tuition classes from Thursday onwards. I kinda have difficulty to speak loudly T_T and sitting in his car made him kinda infected too, =Xx I apologized... Feeling tired way too occasionally [perhaps due to the side effect of continuous intake of medicine? = =], I don't want to take medicine anymore BUT how am I going to recover? How am I going to survive through this festive season, with so many wonderful delicacies all around me? T_T Anyway I don’t think I could really enjoy the mooooo year...

During the final day of tuition classes before the CNY break, I was extremely sleepy, went to the Kopitiam before attending classes. He made me drank cold honey lemon and a piece of French toast. I knew both were not desirable to my swollen throat, but I ate. Who cares. When time for classes had come, I really needed sleep as if I heard my bed calling me home LOL. And of course my mind was having something else at that moment--- I wondered why did they break up, why the 8-months relationship seemed to be a piece of shyt to both of them, how the love just vanished like nobody ever noticed. I am sorry to hear that she IS actually happy over it. Don't pretend, my pal, =) Shed some tear and you'd feel better.

As for the coming week, I knew I would be going to have the routine visits on the first and second day of CNY. However, I don't know the exact plan on where would I be going for the following days, before returning to PTK on the 1st of February '09. Four days to be spent--- parties, outings, movies and house visits. And the worst thing is that I have not arranged my attire for the week yet =Xx!! LOL.

I knew I would have no time to update blog for these coming days.
So hereby, wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Get more _____ [fill in the blanks with things you crave for] !!

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