14 March, 2009

Having much of twists and turns in life for the past few days,
Life just seemed to become so aimless, so obscure, so bare.

Being condemned by besties,
Hurling abuse at people as if I have lost my mind,
Being put into blame when I am faultless,
Being misunderstood like a prisoner,
Facing unwelcome but inevitable situations,
Getting used to my lifeless soul ever,
The list goes on and on.
As I could hardly survive through these

I was down.
The spirit in the eyes was snuffed out by all the calamity.
These took something too precious away from me--- my eternal trusts towards all of you.

In the name of friendship, I trusted you in all aspects when you blame me on everything and be glad of her generosity and her sense of being ‘helpful’. Must I be condemned before the truth is revealed? I don’t wish to get into an eye fro an eye situation, please don’t get me to.

I tried crying myself to sleep last night,
I still need some time to get used to the false, bad impressions towards me.

That moment some part of me died with the absence of you.

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