30 March, 2009

I was soooooooooooooo worried
about the Bendahara stuff in my whole day.
People were running around the whole day,
searching for Pn. Norjuliah,
We had no beautiful flag [Ours is a plain yellow piece of cloth].
There's no 'sepanduk' [Other houses had soooo many decorations!].
And where's our 'bunga mangga'? All went missing.
And the most important thing is,
Our girls' costume! NONE?
The Sports Day is like less than one day to go yet she is not around for us?? @_@

Before school ended, I called her up and she told me that she was driving to school NOW. She reached our school compound, and we have had to carry stuffs for her.

Luckily she got everything done [FINALLY!].
Our flag is great (: Thanks to her husband's anak buah.
The sepanduk was so-so lar =X, better than nothing :)
And our costumes!
"Superb"! [It was bad, but just not too bad honestly =X]

Pey Shan, Wei Lee and I tried out the attires at the Bilik Memasak. Pey Shan looked great in her peach yellowish baju kurung (:
Wei Lee wore the same set of clothes as mine [being twin!]
When she let Spell and Kin Lup to see her with that attire,
they were like shouting "Wei Lee is so pretty!"
When I showed them mine,
everyone kept quiet... like kinda speechless.
Yep, nobody dares to laugh at me so they kept quiet.
I knew I looked fugly in it,
I knew it was not suitable in me.
It was so fucking loose that TWO Szehui can fit into one piece of clothes.
I told Pn. Norjuliah that I look fat in it, yet she denied it.
Ouch. Whatever.
Anyway I had a great time spending with her :D
Trying out outfits, accessories and camwhoring!

I am supposed to wear this tomorrow T_T
The yelloooooow color is freaking striking OMG!

Gaya Melayu? xD Duduk bersila
*Pretend to be polite*

The clothes suddenly became fat, fugly-looking,
because it is put on me :(

Pn. Norjuliah tried these on my hair @_@
Tomorrow all the accessories would be set like this :(

The back look of the fake curly hair with accessories.

The side view of it seems better =X

She even wanted us to wear these GOLD necklace too @_@

*Our flag (: The tiger painting was great!

Credits to En. Redzuan for getting us this banner!

Even the umbrella would be in our procession tomorrow LOL!

*Pray hard.
*Hope everything goes well tomorrow :(
Ugh. I hope tomorrow doesn't turn as bad as today :'(
God, please make me invisible tomorrow T_T!

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