31 March, 2009

I have had a great time today!
Our yellow team, Bendahara appeared to be the first runner-up for the annual Sports Day! How unexpected.
Our marching team (which people laughed and teased at for the whole week ==) managed to get the f-i-r-s-t prize among all sports team!

I am grateful (:
I felt proud of myself for at least contributing to our team,
for being the ‘flowergirl’ during the marching session.
I might not have great contributions like others
(Tuck Koon and Hoong Cheng spent the entire week guiding the marching troupe)
I was not included in the group to receive the awards.
I was an outsider to look at them when they had group photo session.
To be valued according to contributions, I may look tiny in the huge group.
But I don’t mind all these,
Because I am happy :D

I was delighted because I didn’t want anything from anybody in this. I didn’t want reward or fame. I was just making my own happiness out of such simple things as dressing in the costume, marching and standing under the hot sun.

This remarkable occasion brought me more joy than anything else in the day. The only bad part of the day was me getting scolded by Ms Liew and cursed by few teammates. But this is alright, I don’t mind taking all the tongue-lashing if that is part of my job (:

Enough words for now.
Shall upload all the relevant pictures tomorrow!
*Busy editing pictures*
Tired. Good night!

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