10 March, 2009

Oh I have finally decided not to go for the seminar,
because of the important lesson of Accounts
which falls on the same day.
Sorry girls!

:D We finally received our passport photo which we took weeks ago.
Yep I was put to be in charge with this,
and lots of work were not done yet LOL.
I am sorry, Ms. Liew =X

*The 5Gigihians(:*

Skipped tuition classes today =D
=X Going to replace it someday soon, hopefully.

For this.

Thought of staying at school in the afternoon
to take pictures of the BEST achiever of STPM of our school.
BUT it turned out be unsuccessful
because she went off before we could 'catch' her LOL.

And sukantara:
Sadly, very few Bendaharas were present today T_T
And.. we could actually tell that the number of Temenggungs doubled us.
And with their high spirits in this photo below:

They're going to win (:

I abhor Pn. Norjuliah for her way of doing everything = =
When she needed me,
she would say, "SzeHuiiiiii......."
When she was trying to put the blames on me,
she would say, "Budak tu........"

During the Sukan Tara activity,
she even complained that I am not commited into this house,
and extorted not to give approval to the Secretary cert of mine.

Aww. Alright.
I am not going to do any work for her anymore.
So if there's any,
please don't ask me =Xx

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