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16 April, 2009

Another terrible day I had ==
Although all the morning session photographs are finally done, yet they are still so messy in my hand. I must spend some time to fix up everything, at least to reorganize it. Awww =D let’s forget bout photographs, I guess you’re bored of this topic =X

The main character in this post today is X, with a minor character named Y. X is a bitch, everyone aggress with this fact, no offence xD. She loves criticizing me in class at most of the time and will ONLY praise me when the exam result is out. So now you get a picture on whom am I mentioning? Frankly I don’t mind this, in fact I get so used to the way she ‘bullies’ me xD.

When I bumped into her today, she pinched my arm--- it was painful seriously. At that moment, I felt like shouting “Fuck OFF to her == Now only I know that she complained bout me not only in front of myself, but also in front of others. Even Y is involved in this; Y used to be a kind one in my heart but not now anymore.

I remembered exactly how Y said, “Go away lar, I don’t want to see you”. I thought it was in a joking manner, but now that I realize it is not. *sigh* I felt being hated by Y :(

Besides, X even take revenge on me today --- she knows very well exactly what she did == She talks money in front of me --- about the reward I will get on this coming Saturday. Whatever she said, it is totally none of her business. This bitchy one even counts the amount of money which soon to be mine in front of other teachers. After all the evil acts, she chatted with me happily =.= how fake. I really didn’t bother to talk, and just walked away.

== I can’t stand her.

The coming Saturday,
Hope it doesn’t turn out that horrible.

P/S: It is the headmistress AGAIN who lowers the value of rewards to be given to students!

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