18 April, 2009

Combined Boards’ Day (CBD)
=D Date: 17 April 2009 [Friday]

Walked to Carrefour in a whole bunch of librarian except Boon Pin xD. Had McD there. Met Amy =DD!! But we were in a rush of time, that’s why didn’t manage to chat lots with her ):

LRT. Talked VERY loudly in the train, everyone seemed to be looking at us =X

*The hall here =D

Reached. Ushers were at the station, welcoming us. He said we were LATE == Paiseh =X~

*Registration... by Jenhoe (:

*Our door gift =D I lubb this (:

*All of us

Mr Wong. Remember him? Our former principal (:

Mr Brown I think =X

The backdrop (:

Kai Chi!! I think he didn't recognize me yesterday haha.

Boring talks. Going to end.And performances =D

P/S: I enjoy Spellman's singing MORE! xD

Took our own sweet time to take pictures around the school. Met Steven =D UberBadBoy owed me fish nuggets :)

Vivi made Boon Pin get HIGH xD!!

*The librarians!
Grab this if you want (:


We met Wai Sin too! Miss her (:

Macho BoonPin xD!!

Serious Jenhoe

Cute Jenhoe

Happy Steven =D !!

Oppsss I am the only Form5 here.

Another performance to go, before the games!
After the balloon games, we proceeded to form a large circle, to play the straw game == Many of the librarians went home, left WahJie, SookKuan, YeeWen, BoonPin, KahHerng and I niaaa ):

The balloon game (: it was exactly the one we played during Vivi’s party. Guessing a number correctly and being poured with flour. But this time it is pricking a balloon on top of your head, not that great as FLOUR! xD

*The MBS boys xD

Latin dance! haha. Best punishment ever xD!

Prize-giving (: Boon Pin and Kah Herng WON too!

Sadly, I didn’t manage to take the group picture ): It was toooo huge crowd over there.
But did took a photo with Jenhoe =D

Spot my signature xD!

Goodbye MBS! Had fun yesterday (:
Thanks Jen Hoe for inviting, for all these!
Thanks Steven for the game session (:
Too bad Louis was too busy around haha!
See you guys another time =D

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