24 May, 2009

=D Two weeks have finally flown by!
Munching the whole book,
memorizing every single word,
All these would finally come to an end,
Very soon!

It has been almost lifeless nowadays,
No entertainment. No game. No fun.
No plays. No dramas.
No almost everything!
Yesterday I was sad for the very moment I saw *it,
then continued being upset for the whole day.

The freaky connection
is driving me crazy.
I tried to online everyday
but every single time
the page would display,
Internet Explorer could not find server”.

I could go online SOMETIMES,
But the line would be cut off all in a sudden,
And every download would be stopped.
To restart the download,
I got to start it all over again.

For your information, I am still using the package of
RM 44 with 60-hours limit per month.
Yes yes, it seems terribly outdated.
Dad said that it would be changed soon,
Hope I don’t have to wait too long ):

I am sorry.
I wanted to post MORE pictures here,
but everything is ruined
when the connection is so terrible.

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