02 June, 2009

A post with WORDS only.
No pictures. I apologize.
Stop reading if you
hate this.


Oh it is holiday?
Then why the heck I still get myself so stuck up at PTK most of the time?
Tuition replacement
Like it would never come to an end ><

I hate Tuesday’s classes honestly,
That’s why I am not going there today.
I fear to see that stalker who always bothers me
with unstoppable questions like I have all the promises
to make myself his companion during every class.

I do really hope that you’re reading this.
Please let go of me.

And next,
Tomorrow. Wednesday.
It is supposed to be a day to go for roller skates with them.
I thought it was be nice,
Better than last year,
For they’re closer friends of mine,
Compared to last year.

Thanks UberBadBoii, Louis and Jenhoe for inviting.
I’d love Jenhoe’s plan honestly,
But… I am recently so broke that I couldn’t afford
another piece of clothes for myself.

I knew I love spending a lot.
I have indeed spent a lot.

I over-used my money and
I still owe Sis for the concert ticket.
Dad wouldn’t reimburse for what I have spent.
Lemme list down what I have bought lately.

Online purchasing: RM60++
Loke’s pressie: RM90
Concert ticket: RM 98

And every meal I have during tuition classes also makes a great sum.

I am sorry that I couldn’t join you guys for any of the outings.
Perhaps next week my financial status would be better,
And do ask me out again next week :)

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