04 June, 2009



Our new class Tee has arrived! :D

The red collar :) Becareful when you wash it, coz' the color WILL come off = =

The original design is supposed to be like this.

The final design is changed to this,
thanks to the stupid shop who has color problem =X

5G! Kita orang Sains :D

Trying to take it from a different angle xD

Mr. How 's first impression of
seeing this piece of clothes is:
"The color is too striking lah!"
Boooo him =X

As expected,
the S size is LARGE again = =

Ignore the green piece of cloth =X
The white class T-shirt is even larger than the Editorial Board Tee.

Let's think bout this.
We will certainly wear this to take photographs for candid right?
What about the other suitable time that we could wear this?
Any suggestion?

I went for tuition classes for the whole day last night.
Tiring night.

First intensive class of Biology:

First time ever to have comics here =X

OMG got caught for drawing during
doing exercise session =X

He was looking exactly on my paper
when I was drawing the lil' crown =X
"You have finished all the exercises?"

Me: Ermmm yea =X

Tutor: Okayyy then, let me see your paper.


Tutor: Why did you have all these answers blank?

*And he started his philosophy again =X*

Tutor: If you could only manage to answer
the upper part of each structured question,
then the maximum marks you could score is 6 or 7,
which means you can only get 3B or 2A in SPM Biology.
No 1A for you.

Gahh. And I indeed got all these wrong T_T!

I knew I felt sorry.
I would strive harder on this subject.
Although I have not much time left.

P/S: Two days left! OMG

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