20 July, 2009

张栋梁 沉默的瞬间 音乐会

5.00 p.m. :

Sorry Keith, was messing around with your lenses. I am noob in using these.

In a mess. Rushing to get ourselves ready. Playing with DSLR

If I were a lil’ more professional in photography,
She would look more like a dolly model xD

Thanks VivianC for showing me this article on TheStar :)

According to this, Nicholas is going to try out shots of nude bare-backed videos for his MVs =.=" Eeee... I still prefer his old style--- always polite and smiling happily :D

5.30 p.m. :

It was held at Chin Woo stadium hall, an air-conditioned arena near SMJK (C) Confucian and Petaling Street. It took us only half an hour to there from home although everyone rushed to the Bukit Jalil stadium for the Manchester United VS Malaysia tournament.

6.00 p.m. :

Reached Petaling Street quite early. Dinner at McD.
After eating, Sis asked me bout the entry tickets.
And I was like, “Harrr I thought you brought it?”.

She said, “No. Yesterday you said you’re going to put it into your bag.”

OMG = =” Called Dad to fetch us the tickets, and got scolded on the phone.

While waiting for Papa, we headed to the Gift House BitBit are now available in all sizes and color [Errr green is a lil’ odd, but still kawaii] I still prefer my lovely bunny at home :)

7.30 p.m. :
张栋梁 歌迷会 !!!
The people were attired in green. I wanna join too, but the yearly fees is VERY costly =X

As usual, while waiting for the event to begin, I took few shots of the people there. MY FM DJ, 文康 was the emcee of the night. According to him, the star was trapped in a traffic congestion, that’s why he arrived late.
The Moment of Silence ; The silence actually hears the sound which loves.

Lemme add one more sentence:

And the silence in us actually indicates everything more than necessary.

Opening ceremony: Dance by his loyal fans.

10 of the pretty girls on stage danced along the music of his newest song. Being able to dance very well, they were actually performers on stage in their lifes (: Wen Kang interviewed each and every one of them.

Nicholas came out with this (:
I hate his style of making the long trousers into an uncle-like length =X

And then he changed. He sported a black jacket worn over a colorful tee and ripped blue jeans with slip-on white canvas shoes. And he stood real near to my seat! Haha, that’s why this picture seemed clearer than others (:

Flowers of all colours!
The representative of each fan club in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and China came onto the stage to present him bouquets of flowers. And chatted happily :D Ahhh...jealousnyeee

Oh the guest of the event is 石欣卉 :D

Everyone thinks that she is a Singaporean artist, but actually she is from Malaysia.
Her most well known song, 从台北到北京is not bad (: She danced a lot on stage.

10.30 p.m. :

After the 音乐会 ended, Nicholas stayed for the signature session. Every fans who bought his CD queued up to grab his signature. Of course I didn’t waste my money to buy that piece of his =X so…we left…

So near yet so far…
Before leaving let’s take a shot from the breezy night out there :)
P/S: Keith. Keith. Keith. Sorry for mentioning your name non-stop =X

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