19 July, 2009

SMKBBSP Karnival Kokurikulum

18 Julai 2009, Sabtu,
7.00 pagi hingga 3.00 petang

Eee. VIP's booklet, fully colored but they didn't appreciate it =X

Keith’s wife ; EOS 1000D
My companion for the whole day :)

Our oh’so-grand stage =.=”

The teachers suddenly added tiny red carpet here for the VIPs. Do you remember our former headmistress, Pn. Bidah? She came to support the event too! Please take a glance at our current principal. I was sweating like hell when wearing a tee but she… *no comment*

Everyone bought this thick, ugly tee =x

En. Jamaludin bin Abdullah
Timbalan Pengarah Pelajaran
Pejabat Pelajaran Bangsar Pudu

Not so bad right? After all we managed to invite some “high- class people”,
better than the old style by inviting the Yang Di-Pertua PIBG only = =

Did you manage to see this? Or out of sight?

Supposedly I should wake up at 6.00a.m so that I could head straight to school at 6.45a.m. but since I was still snoring like a pig at 6.30a.m, I rushed like hell to school to spray a protection layer for our Haunted Mansion banner.

Yummy! The jelly drink is the tastiest one. Good job, Mina

After sightseeing at the library, I quickly proceeded to the photography stall. The first thing Keiiyan said to me was, “Ah Foong, I hate you” :O Awww… because I became a full time photographer instead of part time seller + part time photographer.

Anugerah Kecemerlangan Kokurikulum 2009

*yawn* This prize-giving session took at least an hour and I was standing under the glaring sun. I could actually take a few shots and leave BUT I had to wait until *her princess came onto stage and take as many shots as possible of her. She is the man and I am the slave :(

Long queue in Haunted Mansion!

Oh so many people were eager to visit our Haunted Mansion. This year we managed to earn MORE than last year =D Thanks people for supporting! Thank God for the blessing.

It seemed like most of the people enjoyed themselves tremendously in playing games. Too bad some complained that our school stalls had not enough choices of food [too many types of drinks, I agree, I drank until bloated =.=]

This thing is space-consuming =X

If you compare the price here to Sushi King outlets, this is a lil’ more expensive. I bet they too earned a lot because this type of expensive food attracted all the adults =X. I was actually looking out for TV3 and A&W stalls, but nowhere to be found = = Our school always 吹水 LOL!

We planned for a try at this newly-opened shop since last week, but since its crew came to out school, let’s grab a chance to try it out here than walking far to its stall. Delicious :) but still there’s space of improvement. Still prefer YogurBerry xD

I was queuing for the haunted house with Jiameng when Pn. Fadilah shouted that I won a hamper during the lucky draw session. Thanks Keiiyan for receiving it on behalf of me.

Julie’s Golden Crackers. Julie’s Butter Crackers. Hwa Tai Mini Crackers. Twisties. JJ Chicken Snack. Jacob’s Hi-fibre Crackers. Coca-cola 1.5 litre.

As I promised, I am going to share one with the sayangs. Please choose one, girls!

:D The ex-students also came to support us, how nice… actually there were MORE but I couldn’t take picture with every single of them :(

Oh I met Mr. Alvin Siah, the young handsome man who does not look like a teacher at all LOL! Too bad, Mr. Fong said he couldn’t find a parking space and hence didn’t attend our carnival.

P/S: Jenhoe, get the original picture from Facebook (:

Mr. Bean and DSLR. I heart them both.

Even the slightest, least important picture looks better by using Keith’s camera to snap it xD.

Thanks Anonymous for your present x)

I really wanna thank plenty people for everything happened yesterday.

Special thanks to:

  • Jiameng for my whole day expenses xD
  • Jenhoe & friends for coming [I hope it really didn’t bore you]
  • Keith for the 棉花糖 & DSLR
  • Chee Chean for being the sole full-time photographer
  • Vivi & Kah Herng for having to run to my house
  • BabyMina for working so hard for 5G

Oh ya…
Before I forget,
Someone not only gave me a Mr. Bean plushy toy, but also fetched me home, and carried everything up to my doorstep. Thanks Mr. Yeow!

*Sorry UberBadBoy and Chun,
hope you both understand what meaning did my actions bring :)

P/S: Joey, I hope this description can satisfy you

Access to my Facebook album on carnival:

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