22 July, 2009

Bite: -Dae.dreamingggg-

My new toy ; Mini tripod

I found this somewhere in my drawers when I was searching for an old old old piece of tee. I just didn’t know that I actually have this at home :O I bet it came along in the package when I bought my silver camera two years ago.

Am trying to take more shots of beautiful things around me.
Now that I am more than just into photography (:

Sorry I have nothing better to do than shooting photographs x) I just get bored in school occasionally, so yep a camera would always be the best choice of killing boredom. Luckily there are some interesting ways I spent my every second at school :
  • Eating! [Thanks people for supporting the cheezy cake :D]
  • Smsing! [I used the battery of my cell phone till DEAD yesterday :O]


Now that I am back into a sms queen. Thinking that I wouldn't spend a lot on smsing two months ago, I had switched from Super SMS plan to Super FNF. But now the figure of my credit balance notification terrified me :O

I spent RM10 in 2 days just to send text messages :O

Ohmygawddd. I don't think I can survive with only RM1 balance for half a month T______T.
Thanks Spell, Turtle and Keith for the credits you guys spared for me :)

DiGi Prepaid TM =.="

Wasted my RM3 to subscribe this. And I just read through that this plan is no longer available since 20 July 2009 T_________T

Do anyone know any better plan for DiGi prepaid?

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