03 July, 2009

Cross country [07'03'09] :D

As one of the photographers of the day,
I went around to snap photographs.

There are really lots of shots I've got today,
mostly NOT of human LOL!

I took a lot of pictures of the nature (:
The environment there is so FRESH!,
except for some parts with oh-I-dunno-where-it-comes-from stinking smell!
It had been really a long time since I enjoy the greenery
:) Seriously I fall in LVE with the tinges of green !

I bet everyone knows what happens in the entire day right?
So I am not updating about the running part (:

Early morning --- woke up at 6a.m. --- reached school at 6.55a.m. --- met Daw Fang --- he was alone, seeking for last-minute transport to Taman Bukit Jalil.

Went to mamak stall at 7.10a.m. with DaddyLoke, Keiiyan, Dawfang and a i-dunno-what-his-name boy --- Met Ms. Liew in the car --- she honked me.

___I was sooooooo afraid that she would scold me for having all my pleasure to EAT instead of rushing to the place to do my job =x

This year we had our Cross Country after the Sports Day which is a lil' different than previous years. And the venue of this event is changed from Sri Petaling area to Taman Bukit Jalil. This place is kinda far to certain people who is not familiar with the route of the area. That's why not many of them were present today ):

My part-time job is being paparazzi xD!
They came from a corner that caught my eye,
that's why I chased after them to take picture :D

The Malay boys are ALWAYS looking forward to camera--- they thought of appearing in the school magazine of the year.

I took this photograph but this doesn't mean I agree with the statement in it.
This towel is sold at the school's Koperasi too,
although I don't think anyone would buy this =X

=D I felt the comfort of being surrounded by the greens.
Look at the tiny lady in pink! Can you recognize her?

While waiting for the release of students from each category,
I made an escape to the garden in Rumah Malaysia to search for beautiful shots.

Oh sorry, I just want you to focus on this particular person.
:D I love Chi Kwan, my lil' brother!
He is always cheerful whenever I meet him,
and he shows his passion on the running event.

:D Hello Lip Kin!
He is having fun too.

Woah... He has completed the journey!

I only made myself walked from the ending point to Checkpoint 10
[Yes I started from the back xD]
and I got extremely exhausted!

Can you imagine how heat-tired he was at that very moment he reached?

Do you guys have any idea on who is this?
Seriously I don't even know that he is one of the teachers in our school = =
He insisted me to take a shot of him,
but without him looking at the camera.
Weird huh? Nevermind I just fulfill his wish =x


Frankly I miss him (:
His Biology class I mean xD!
He offered me a ride on his motorbike,
ewww... but I am phobia of riding this,
have had to turn him down lerh ):

Does it look like some kind of forest/woodland?

(: Hopefully the environment would be as condusive as this
when I get to the National Service camp next time

Follow the path,
And you shall find the way of happiness

Yippee! Xing was worried bout wild boars and graveyards,
but she turned out to win a prestigious place of this event xD!
There she was, running happily.

This flower is rotting actually,
but I just got attracted by the ants on it,
wondering if it is really that SWEET.
And got caught for snapping useless pictures by Pn. Mahyan =x

Okayyyy they were excited too (:
Teachers also run with the students, for the entire 4km.
They're so hardworking compared to some lazy bums who only sit at the resting chair.

Malays again.
Aikss malas nak describe banyak pasal ni =x

:D I swear I haven't seen this species before!!!
Its sweet look attracted me so much.
Whenever I go to this park, I never get to notice this fascinating scenery.
But today is the best chance of all I'd ever have :)

OmG!!! What are they doing down there?
Or I should say, "what can two BOYS do there?" =X

Plants again. Haha. Accuse me. For lazying.

Yes I am spending my duty-ing time by doing something out of my duty

The park not only has flowers, but FRUITS too!
It is certainly not a tomato right? BUt what is it? @_@

Ah this! Whatsoever it is called.
This is common, isn't it? (:
Forgive me, Yee Wen.
I am just too much with the plants.

Two lengzaiii! Anyone interested in them? They're available :)

Smile! He is my best friend too xD!

Awww. Jiameng always look younger than me!

He is posing with the bread,
soon gonna learn camwhoring with FOOD from Vivian =x

Ah! WahJieee :D
it had been a reallly LOOOONGGG time since we took picture together.
She is one of the photographers of the event too!

Marketing? But doing photographing now!
I am proud of her for multi-tasking,
she can do both well (:

DaddyLoke and UncleLim!
:D They're sooooo best friends right?
P/S: Please let me know who is more handsome in this picture xD!

DawFang and ChiKwan :S
OMG both are so lengzaiiii right?
Anyone interested? xD

Awww. Ribbit.
My favourite bunny.
Pink long ears with cute ribbon!
Too bad, it doesn't belong to me but JoeyC =x

Slow-motion running he was performing!
Muahahhaa.. somehow it looks kinda real as if he is really running

Oh I misplace this picture in the arrangement.
It has the same fruit as one of the pictures above.
Yellow and green, that's why I heart them!

Ah. I guessed he is the ONLY and ONE who wore like this.
I mean, with the ribbon around both his neck and wrist!

Semangat kesukanan, he always has the spirit (:

Weee~ JoeyC!
I heart her, and the precious thing she was carrying =x

Wahh I love DaddyLoke!!!
By the way I couldn't help to stop laughing when looking at this picture =x
Anyway credits to Keiiyan for snapping this photograph :D

After the event --- McDonald at Carrefour --- with Spellman, Carolyn, JoeyC, Keiiyan and DawFang --- loitering around the place till 3p.m. --- headed home. And onlined until now x)

P/S: Thanks people for doing your job so well today!
Credits to
  • Yeewen
  • Sookkuan
  • Szuwah
  • Spellman
  • Keiyan
  • JoeyC
  • Cheechean
  • Junyeong
  • Wenyen

for doing a great job today!

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