02 August, 2009

The terrible congestion yesterday made everyone frustrated.

What could I do on a Saturday other than tuition-ing?
It took me TWO looooooooong hours from home to reach PTK.

:O And this is the first time I saw so many policemen on the street,
working so hard to block every single road to KL,
causing loud honks and whistles,
disturbing the normal flow of traffic,
and making the jam even worse.

I wasted one whole day in the centre,
Unable to meet people I’d wish to :(
And made my beloved tutor angry with me.
I had a hobby = =
A real bad one…
Of saying “I hate you”.
And finally made him angry :(((((((

And today…
I wasted my time again.
For hours of soap making.

Kwanyew told me to re-make it = =”

But the result this time is not so bad :D


At least it is white and soft =X
I know these are NOT soap, but who cares…
I am lazy to re-re-make it T_________T

-Bunny slippers-
Am craving for this :)

♥ I know you're angry with me. Perhaps you would live better without me :(

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