24 October, 2009

Librarian Annual Dinner 2009

It is a memorable event I attended days ago,
now I finally find some hours to update bout this function :D
Theme of the day: "Deep Love Night"
Venue: Pearl Point International Hotel
Time: 6pm – 11 pm

The decoration on the table. Looks like attending wedding dinner right? X)

We were divided into groups and settled down at separate tables. There were 9 of us sitting together: FiSh, Viv, Keiyan, Oi Kuen, Sook Kuan, Yee Wen, Szu Wah, Boon Pin and Kah Herng. However, it is kinda disappointing to have Jun Won and Chin Thong in another table )):

And thanks Boon Pin and Kah Herng because they were prefects who always support our librarians’ event :D ! They are already half-librarian I think :X

Yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hotdogs!

Our food is just the usual ones--- fried rice, fried noodles, nuggets, hotdogs, mushroom soup, fruits, desserts, etc. I think the food is still not bad but most of our juniors actually complained that the food sucks and they have not much appetite to eat them :X Especially the cream of mushroom = =

Also, Boon Pin is always the kindest man we’ve been hanging out with.
He served every one of us with a bowl of soup each
and brought me forks and spoons when I complained that I have none xD.

After the meal, BestieVivi and I went to the washroom to pee camwhore! For your information, she is a hot, sexy, gorgeous lady who is AVAILABLE :D Please tell me that you’re interested in her so that I can give you her cell phone number.

As we came back into the hall, the lights were put off because it’s SLIDESHOW TIME :D This slideshow was awesome, as I’ve posted it here few days ago because it reminded all of us about every moment we’ve spent together. We just never missed a chance in completing the Librarian Board’s mission :)

Since they put off the light, we were given candles and then sang the love song Librarian Song together ((:
P/S: I love the lightning effect of the picture!

The darling juniors :D

Thanks to a Mum who fetched me home thou' I don’t recognize whose Mum is that :X!
Hope the Board would be better under their control next few years…

FiSh, Wah Jie and Sook Kuan.

I know I look super short in this picture because they both wore high heels T_T! Thanks to these former president and treasurer for handling the Board so well, until we can enjoy spending so much of money we earned throughout the year :X !

JustinT and I. We took many shots, and I found only a good one = =
P/S: I like the plushie on the right bottom corner :P

ONLY 10 of us are Form 5s???

We’re leaving high school soon, starting a new life soon too. We’re considered retired librarians who only go to the library to make noise and play instead of doing our duty once a week =P

Thank you very much to the Form 4 leng luiiis for the success of the night!

It was an awesome event, seriously. Not to forget, thanks Keith and JhengKiat for handling PA of the night and sort of contributing for our Board although they’re non-librarians :D
The photo session of our big family.

Credits given to a waiter in Pearl Point International Hotel for snapping this picture. This is the photograph taken using my camera and I find it a little blur, hence I put some blur effect at the corners, hoping that it looks better than the original one. Anyway I think the best one is taken by using a DSLR :)

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