22 October, 2009

Rancangan Integrasi Murid untuk Perpaduan (RIMUP)

It is a school programme organized by the government to build strong friendship between schools and also specially meant for Form 3 students who have just finished their PMR exam.

Found this board in SMK SS, why didn’t our school have any?
Also, this programme is very closely linked to our 1Malaysia concept.

YeeWen and I were ordered to wait at school for *her [a teacher, obviously = =] at 7a.m.
[*yawn* I should be still sleeping!] BUT she made us waited until 7.30 a.m
Photographers on-duty are always so cham ):

Slowly, 25 students from SMK Seri Saujana reached our schoool and by then we began our journey to theirs. A few minute of brisk walk in the morning is better than staying in the class :X

Form 5 students were all gathering at the assembly area to get their SPM exam timetable. There I met Chun Kit and the gang =) Rueann and Aishah greeted me warmly too. I missed these primary school friends T_T

The programme there was painting mural, in SMK SS.

However it was surprising that they spent 2 whole hours just to do nothing draw the borderlines. And this bored us a lot as Pn. Shamsinor and another teacher went for breakfast halfway while YeeWen and I explored the whole school.

Mural in SMK BBSP.
On the other hand, Mr. Redzuan sort of got everything ready for the people with this geometrical pattern.

No matter how one paints, the artwork will not be anything ugly =)

Other kawaii and beautiful murals in SMK SS

Art studio in our neighbour school.
I thought of my tables and chairs arrangement in Café World once I saw this = =

:D Jom merayau-rayau!

Honestly it was 1 and a half year ago when I last went to this school [During 2their 2008 carnival]. The more I walked around that school, the more I felt that I’m in my primary school because both schools were very much similar to each other.

Ms. Lian from SMK SS gave us cash to buy any food we wanted,
when other students only ate “food box”. She is such a nice teacher :D

Back to SMK BBSP around 10.30 a.m. with a bunch of RIMUP participants.
And it is game time now :D although it is very hot in the field.

First game: Use chopstick and pass the eraser back and forth.
It is certainly not a problem for most Chinese, but challenging for people of other races =)

Second game: Jumping back and forth in a sackpack.

Cikgu Akmal posed =.=”
The second game was demonstrated by him,
So he felt proud and smiled lively under the glaring sun.

Third game: Walking on the bricks
And do not step onto the ground. You can only move the brick around to step forward.

Fourth game: Use the strands of string to put the nail into the bottle until the bottle is lifted

The first group who succeeded =)

After one whole hour of sweating in the field, we finally reached the climax of the event--- Closing ceremony with hampers and certificates given out to each group.

Renovation in progress at our school hall.
Headed to the new canteen for the speech and prize-giving part.

Pengetua SMKBBSP & PK1 SMKSS. A gift to our neighbour school.

Lunch time. We don’t have to be jealous of the teachers who have better meal than us,
Because the plate on the right is mine :D
For the first time, photographers were given such priority.

两个月了。 我知道你还是爱着我。

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  1. Your school so good got organized some activities to support the concept of 1Malaysia. Actually it's a suitable concept to gather up all the races and every Malaysians!

    Cheer up your school! Sri Petaling right? XD.


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