Saturday, January 31, 2009

Full of outings!
From 1st day till 6th day LOL
Having fun while getting more tired and lazy day by day =X

My 5th day = Gambling day xD!!
We went house to house for visitting and gambling =X
The very first destination is MY HOUSE =D
I have never asked my friends to my house before during CNY,
and the first visit turned out not bad [luckily!!]...
Too bad that Chickenbun was late and lost one angpow from my Mum xD!!

*On the mahjong table xD of the second house (Khengyang's)

*SooN was in a rush to go to the 3rd destination,
Ms. Dae Jang Geum's mansion = =
She refused to take photo with me T_T!! So sad~

*Cute Keikei and lil' John joined us too =D

*Wow!! Kienbing is sooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome hor? xD

*Everyone gathered around Yonghan's computer =.="

FiShyyy and Vivi :) But Fish doesn't look okiee today = =

*Random living room :)

*He took me as 'watak sampingan' =.="

We still managed to take a shot :)

They were too bored =Xx

Wow! Do you guys remember whose Mum is this?
LOL the one Kienbing praised, praised and praised xD!!
OMG I have forgotten to take pictures of Spell's new mansion T_T!!
And getting overexcited of gambling, we didn't go to Chinthong's house =Xx
I called him up to apologize, and he sounds absolutely okayy with it =.="
Perhaps he has better guests guaaa xD!!
And then KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui left the guys after winning their money and went to YingXing's birthday party =D

*The first thing I saw when stepping into her house is this cute lil' thing!!
She is.... awe-some! =D

:) Barbeque~

Her pretty Mum lighting up candles :)

*I want the cherry!!

Xing sangat hebat--- Meniup dari jarak jauh pun boleh tiup sampai habis padam @@"

*Cut bigger pieces for family please xD

Szuwah's favourite act: Raping people xD and Vivi was the poor victim

*The lil' souvenir before I left :)
My 6th day: Shopping day :D

*My drink for breakfast, at Food&Tea, Jusco Cheras Selatan =D

*The dessert--- as breakfast too xD!!

*I have nothing better to do at this moment xD!!

*Everyone is playing phone =.="

*Us =D

*I spent money again xD!!

The Wedding Game was great :D
An indeed nice, hilarious movie!!
Another great product by Fann Wong :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A brief post on the festive season =)

The first day turned out nothing extraordinary =.=
As every year we visit my uncle at Klang after the temples.
But this year is kinda different
because we managed to go for shopping at Jusco, Bukit Tinggi xD
10am to 10pm!
I the place.
Large. Just like OneUtama xD!!

The second day was a lil' boring,
everyone gathered at the hometown chit-chatting.
Few ringgits of angpows.
Gambling. Cookies.
Spent whole day there.

Third day.
Visitting relatives.
No ang pows = ="
Because I have already got from them a day before.

The three days were not bad overall =)
I don't regret going out visiting relatives although it was boring,
because I knew I would one day have no chance for all these.
Cherish the memories while you can :)

The scallop yee-sang from Sushi King

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It’s already half past 9.
Chinese New Year is coming!! In less than 3 hours time :)
If everyone is rushing back to their hometown, or complaining bout being stucked in the boring kampung, I am soooooo tired that I am stucked at home for the past whole week!

Wondering what is going wrong with my life?
I am SICK. Yes, I am still sick.
I still have sore throat although I was already able to attend tuition classes from Thursday onwards. I kinda have difficulty to speak loudly T_T and sitting in his car made him kinda infected too, =Xx I apologized... Feeling tired way too occasionally [perhaps due to the side effect of continuous intake of medicine? = =], I don't want to take medicine anymore BUT how am I going to recover? How am I going to survive through this festive season, with so many wonderful delicacies all around me? T_T Anyway I don’t think I could really enjoy the mooooo year...

During the final day of tuition classes before the CNY break, I was extremely sleepy, went to the Kopitiam before attending classes. He made me drank cold honey lemon and a piece of French toast. I knew both were not desirable to my swollen throat, but I ate. Who cares. When time for classes had come, I really needed sleep as if I heard my bed calling me home LOL. And of course my mind was having something else at that moment--- I wondered why did they break up, why the 8-months relationship seemed to be a piece of shyt to both of them, how the love just vanished like nobody ever noticed. I am sorry to hear that she IS actually happy over it. Don't pretend, my pal, =) Shed some tear and you'd feel better.

As for the coming week, I knew I would be going to have the routine visits on the first and second day of CNY. However, I don't know the exact plan on where would I be going for the following days, before returning to PTK on the 1st of February '09. Four days to be spent--- parties, outings, movies and house visits. And the worst thing is that I have not arranged my attire for the week yet =Xx!! LOL.

I knew I would have no time to update blog for these coming days.
So hereby, wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Get more _____ [fill in the blanks with things you crave for] !!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally I fall sick LOL

It happened like this:

I felt feverish early in the morning yesterday. Deciding not to skip school, I brought along 4 bottles of mineral water [approximately 2 litres] and a packet of medicine to school. And I felt much better when I got home at 1pm. After a nap for two hours, I went for sports practice as planned. It was drizzling when I was walking to school. Soon the sky suddenly turned dark as the cats and dogs rain began to shower the ground. With an umbrella, I walked home under the rain. And I felt so sick after that T_T ...

At night, I was brought to consult the doctor, and believe it or not, my body temperature at that moment was 39.6ÂșC !! OMG I have never had such high fever before in my entire life. He called me up at that night, asking if I would like to go to night market with him. *sigh* I was so sick that I couldn't even speak through the phone, hence I have had to reject his call >.<

And today I couldn't attend school and tuition classes, because I still had high fever until now. I have no choice but to skip important tuition classes, which are already irreplaceable on the other days. And I couldn't have dinner with him today after classes as planned earlier. The sickness I am having now made me regretted for attending the sports practice yesterday T_T ... After sleeping for 11 hours last night and the whole day today, I finally got slightly better. Hopefully the health of mine enables me to go to school tomorrow... And hope to meet him tomorrow too :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

=DD CNY is around the corner...
Do you realise that it is only 6 days away??
Weee~ I love holiday again xD!!
And spending the whole day with Sis making choc cookies as CNY gift is worth it =DD

Hope that there are extras that I can bring to school to share with everyone :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

*The conversation with Mr. Monitor goes like this, and it seriously sounds like I am super-duper lazy T_T

I was feeling way too bored and tired today--- that I had no time to even sleep [since Friday] and finish up my homework. Chemistry, Civic, English, Economics, Biology, the list continues like I have not been doing homework since ages ago! But who cares, I need some time to online and keep myself updated to everything happened to people around me =) and hence I went blog-hopping.

And when I reached this site, I really wanted to tell her that Mr. LubDup IS actually better than Mr. Freddy!! Too bad, she didn't have any chatbox in her blog =Xx I know bout this blog because Mr. LubDup told me bout it, he knew bout it--- HE FOUND IT OUT HIMSELF. And from the way he told me, I knew that these words from this girl hurt him :( *sigh*

To Mr. LubDup,
Don't be upset over this =) In lots and lots of blog, everyone praises you [as always]... So don't you need to have hard feelings over such critic from just ONE of your students =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Genting Trip =D

It is super great to have such a trip with friends,
as we can actually know and understand each other better
[ It makes me know the REAL you =) ]

I had soooooooooo MUCH fun there through playing, eating, sleeping, screaming, jumping, throwing, scolding, shopping, and singing =D

Inside the skyway~

Us =D Thanks to Carol, the photographer :)

Us again xD... JM was trying to be funny xD

Going uphill =D

To the hotel lobby...

CNY decoration again...

The lanterns were beautiful =)

At the OUTdoor theme park~

The Super Toboggan's slide :D

Ms. FiSh and Ms. Cheng =DD

Kui Seong was scolding vulgar =Xx !!

Everyone was spinning till very dizzy =.=" and SooN wanted to vomite after this game =Xx

Look at Leon, he was soooooo sad

But when it flew, Leon was cheerful once again =D

The Pirate Ship xD... We purposely sat at the first and last row, to enjoy tremendously...

Grand Prix Fun Kart =D *I sucked at driving OMG!

LOL I felt that I looked silly with the hat on =Xx

In the native's hut xD

They were feeding my relatives =)

Ferris Wheel =D Slow, but nice :)

I wanted to ride this T_T"!! But nobody accompanied me...
It was once my favourite game when I was a little kid :)

Took some pictures while waiting for them playing Space Shot xD
KhengYang and I daren't to play LOL!! =Xx

Can you see who are they on the ride? xD

In the room No. 20915~

We stayed at First World Hotel :)

My monkeyyy plushie, with the Doll named Leon xD!!

I heart my mynciii :)

Keiiyan and I =D

Our messy bed xD

Us =D Sleeping in the same room for the whole night~

SooN came early in the morning to meet us =.=
I "hate" him for not sleeping with us the night before xD!!

Both with hats xD

Camwhoring, while others were busy talking at the back

At the INdoor theme park =D

The beautiful night scenery in First World Plaza~

Dark FiSh and Dark KaiSheng xD

Oppsss...someone's face was cut off =Xx

Starbucks!! KaiSheng owed me a drink T_T

Me and Him =.="Does he look like a thieve with his cap on? xD!!

He was trying to wear my specs =.=

He was praying hard to have Her back to him xD!!

:) The scene

LOL peace !! xD but I don't look cute here T_T

I wondered why he kept saying that this is the ugliest picture =.=

Keiiyan felt dizzy?? LOL

LOL they smiled even in the jail xD

Again--- camwhoring xD

In the Snow World___

The coolest place in Malaysia I guess? xD

The beloved Mr. A =DD

Thieve CheeKuan xD

Jinn and I =D

Xing and Fui Nyuk concurred the 'hill' xD

FatFiSh and JiaMeng =)

Darlings and I =)

LOL hill-climbing session =.=

Little panda =D

The food =)

Rm15.80 only!! xD, with soup and drinks altogether!

Beef =D although I don't eat them

The buffet had this too =)

At the Amazing 10 Animal Kingdom~

WahWah and I =D

KenMin and I took picture outside the ladies xD
Everyone fell asleep while on the way back to Seri Petaling

Although we didn't take much photo, but I will cherish and keep the moment spent together as the best memory ever :)


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