19 March, 2010

In search of rainbows over the clouds *_*

3 days of having no time to update my piinkiie bloggie, finally I decide today’s post would be a sort of long one. I put myself kinda busy with my future study plan.

Thanks to Jin Kuan for all the Taylor’s brochure, that made me realize that even with a scholarship of 50% I still have to fork out RM11k for just a business foundation =.=”

Gahh. I hate expensive colleges ;X

Diploma in Photography ♥♥♥

Seriously, I LOVE this! Very badly. So far I have gone through so many courses in every college yet this is the first one I found about photography. You should know how much I am into this field right? But Papa just wouldn’t allow me having this as my career ):

The very good friend whom I meet almost only once a year

Look, he has a gorgeous picture in both his L and P licenses. But my L license is terribly looking and fugly = =” Oh ya. I had my first driving license two days ago, and I promise myself that I would not be able to drive alone for my driving skill is horrible :X

For your information, you won't dare to sit onto my car when I drive next time = =

The landscape just doesn’t change ;)

It has been so long since I last took a ride on LRT. Yet the scenery there doesn’t change at all. I waited for him at the station nearest to his house, and went to Plaza Rakyat station together.

The landmark doesn’t change too ;)

We went across the busy street to Central Market, to get my passport photographs ready and also have lunch together. Surprisingly I met my darling English tutor at the entrance there. My old DiGi number now belongs to him = =” So whenever you call up that number, he will be the one picking up the phone. I would appreciate your greatest effort if you can stop smsing to my old number (:

My laksa Long time didn’t have Malaysian-styled food here.

Jen Hoe’s Maggi noodle with luncheon meat ;D

After lunch, we headed to Kasturi tuition centre to hand in our result. For the first time I see them being so hardworking on their desks. As promised, I didn’t upload the picture of your result slip. But still… Congrats on your straight 12As ;D

Mr. How, the Add Maths tutor

I finally got an opportunity posing with him. He is the only tutor there who actually remembered my full name. Amazing, but true (:

The timetable doesn’t change too ;)
Cikgu Rusli (BM tutor) still loves to cancel all his classes on most Wednesdays and Thursdays =X

We went for loitering again xD. Went to Popular Bookstore to chat, then continued to Mc D to chat again. I didn't know that McFlurry is so small in size already! Hey we really have lots of things to chat about after so long of not seeing you (:

Thanks best friend; You made me called it a day ;)

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