28 March, 2010

Back to school; Hari Anugerah Cemerlang!

Our school hall is decorated beautifully this year, with the dazzling, colourful light bulbs with maroon carpet along the stairs. Even the banner of the event looks great here ;D

All the people attending for this event were invited to fill their stomach before the prize-giving ceremony. DaddyLoke told me this food was from Hilton Hotel, I mean the mamak behind Hilton LOL!

For the very first time, our canteen food was so mouth-watering! ;D I heart this lots, cheap and tasty enough to make my stomach bloated.

The huge crowd--- Both parents and teachers;
P/S: Spot my sissa.

I waited quite long before receiving my cert and cash reward. Chatting with the people I haven’t meet for the past three months, I feel that everyone changed a lot. And I’m surprised that you are already so kind to me (;

I already got myself to dress conservatively, so that the school staffs would not complain bout my attire. Yet they still made me wore a blazer, because I wore short-sleeved blouse =.=”

The group picha of SPM achievers of the school.
~We’re in need of CASH~

The pre-jumping shot. Finally we did our jumping shots and went to our separate ways. I headed to the mall after that, doing all the shoppings and spent away all the money I’ve got in just a matter of few hours.

P/S: Working again tomorrow. Off day on Wednesday.
Good luck to Sook Kuan! Your 2 months in National Service would be fun, I promise

Pictures creditted to: Wai Lun <3
P/S: You remembered my "<3" there xD

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