16 March, 2010

The Sleepless Nights

Now that I found myself being able to sleep better inside the camp. Ewww, what an awful, weird thought there. Hugging my BabyTigger each night, yet I couldn’t sleep well. I start to sleep late every night, around 2 a.m., leaving my cellie ringing without replying the text messages.

P/S: That’s why you find me disappeared after texting me in the midst of night.

I miss Kem PLKN Paya Indah!

Too bad, we’re not allowed to get into there again for Kumpulan 2 Siri 7/2010.

The days in the midst of March are terribly boring.
Till now I am spending hours and hours on Facebook, trying to meet new friends from my camp = =
Alright, I know it is lame to start knowing them now when the camp has already over.

Gah. Sorry for the image quality.
Used only my 2MP phone camera; I promise I will change a new phone soon!

I visited the 100°C steamboat restaurant quite often nowadays,
for the life now is all about eating and sleeping, eating and sleeping AND eating and sleeping only = =

I need to breathe in some fresh air out there!

I need a job badly.
I need cash promptly.
I need a P license immediately.

Any recommendations of JOBS? :)

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