11 May, 2011


Hello! The blogger is back after a series of preparations for the final exam of the Foundation year :D I MISS SHOPPPING so badly!

Surprisingly, I saw a series of domo cute toys on sale! :D It comes in a huge variety of colors and designs; price ranging from RM 15 onwards.

Each and every one of these is my love!

Maybe most of us don't know this:
"Domo (どーもくん Dōmo-kun) is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station"

They're impressively kawaii, don't you think so? :D

Lots more on sale! Any size, any shape, any thing you name it, they'll have it ;)



  1. You know what, when crazywrazy meets domokun, we shake hand and we do the crazy dance. And we finish our dance with a loud RAWRRR hahaha. Awesome blogpost on domokun. Please buy me one mini domokun thankq

  2. cute domokuns :) alpha going to be finish soon eh... enjoy your beta year soon!

  3. KAWAII DOMOKUN!! I prefer it in brown!! LOL~ muah!! =D

  4. hahah where can buy this? looks cute hehe especially the mini 1

  5. I also hate heat and I kinda regret moving back here in the Philippines because of the heat. Oh how I miss the -4C weather in Ireland. Anyways, OMG those are so cute! You should've brought me with you because I've just heard 'bout Domo this month and I fell in love with him right away, especially the pink versions! Gosh I wanna have a domo collection so bad! Did the store have lots of pink Domos? Do post 'em up^_^

  6. hi.. would like to know which part of genting selling that bunch of domos?? I've been looking for 'em badly in KL. =(


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