21 May, 2011

Mi Na Rae @ Sri Petaling

Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ Restaurant
Jalan Radin Bagus,
Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Location of the dae is a lil' special...
1. It's not a well-known restaurant.
2. It's located super near to my house.
3. It's opened by pure Korean family!

Climb the staircase and you'd reach the cozy restaurant =)

Here's the Korean ambience of the restaurant, sit cross-legged and enjoy your meal!

Like many Korean restaurants, Mi Na Rae offers a huge variety of side dishes each dae.

The first one:
Kimchi beancurds :D

Secondly: Kimchi clams
These are Freeee-Of-Chargeeee! :D

And there are lots more to go, with different types of mouth-watering sauces!

Looks familiar?
Koreans also serve chawan-mushi like the Japanese!

The main appetizer: Pa Jeon @ RM 25.00
Korean pancake with prawn, cuttlefish and spring onions.

Whenever you enter a Korean restaurant, make sure you try out their Pa Jeon
because every restaurant typically serve different variety of unusual pa jeons :D

Main course #1: Dolsot Bibimbab @ RM 18.00
Rice mixed with vegetables and beef or chicken and kimchi sauce
Spicy and sour
I bet you’d love this.

Main course #2: Marinated Pork Ribs @ RM 25.00

Main course #3: BBQ Saba fish @ RM 17.00

Main course #4: Neck shoulder pork @ RM 25.00

Main course #5: Kimchi Soup Noodle

Drink of the dae: Korean Ginseng tea

Icy Korean Green Tea is good for health too =P

They also offer bottled drinks,
in case you are so into Korean food culture that you’d wish to try some at home.


Reasonably-priced food, nice ambience, tasty food.
Recommended for the food hunters out there =)
Enjoy your meal!


  1. Korean also call it Chawan-Mushi?

  2. waa so expensive wei hehehe

    I like the beancurd =)

  3. I wonder what does mi na rae means :P

  4. waahhh..if only i can eat those~~

  5. You're so lucky, I've never been to a Korean restaurant before and I when I wanted to go, the Korean restaurant nearby our district went out of business. *sighs tough luck for me:[

  6. hahah. yea Korea would have the most authentic Korean restaurant out there. Actually, my cousin is studying in another province and she said that there's a lot of Koreans residing there so that's also the reason why that province had lots of Korean restaurants. I so wish our province would also have lots of Korean restaurants. I think there's one at the mall but I can't remember whether 'twas Chinese/Japanese/Korean.

  7. visiting u here :)
    bring u a cup of smile that i've taken from here

  8. annyonghaseyo! warao! korean food are damn expensive weih in Malaysia! I will go to South Korea to try their authentic dishes then :P

  9. I like korean food so much!! ;-)

  10. Does look interesting, and the food looks good too.

  11. the clams are free of charge..so good..

  12. this restaurant looks nice but the price slightly higher than usual ones... :)

  13. I love kimchi jigae and kimchi ramyun <3


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