02 May, 2012

Executive Lounge @ Eastin Hotel, PJ

#1 Superman Breakfast

Rise and shine! The first thing that comes into my mind is what to eat, what’s for breakfast. But now needless to think, because every Deluxe Suite comes with a buffet breakfast at the Executive Lounge at Level 17 of Eastin PJ. 

#2 Cozy Setting of the Executive Lounge

This calming, relaxed environment is an excellent venue to enjoy your meal while chatting with friends and family. Whereas a luxurious American breakfast is perfect to kickstart the day. 

#3 Contemporary Dining Design in the Executive Lounge

#4 Fully Automated Coffee Machine 

Start off the hearty breakfast with a cup of freshly-brewed caffeine, with optional added milk. The coffee maker has a classic retro look which best combined with the modern technology and able to brew coffee, espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino and latte macchiato.

#5 Caffe Latte 

#6 Berry Pancake

This piece of fluffy pancake has a lovely golden brown crust that is bursting with lightly sweetened berries. How nice it is to have some whipped cream topping here. Well, it also comes in golden banana flavour which is served with maple syrup and fresh cream.

#7 Top: Scrambled Eggs
Bottom: Omelette

Scrambled egg is always the king of the breakfast table, while the omelette is flavourful with condiments such as chicken ham, beef bacon, cheese, black olives, tomato, spring onion, onions and capsicum.

#8 Raisin French Toast

Best served with honey syrup and whipped cream. Hot and aromatic, it is only prepared upon request. This light bite will definitely set you up nicely for the day.

#9 Sliced Turkey Ham with Honey 

#10 Top: Baked Beans and Grilled Tomatoes
Bottom Left: Chicken Sausages and Hashbrown
Bottom Right: Beef Bacon

The sausages are flavoursome and have good texture, while my favourite hash brown comes in petite size with its crispiness delighting me much.

#11 Seafood Terrine, Assorted Cold Cuts and Assorted Cheese Platter

Seafood meatloaf, bacon strips, ham and every source of protein here just can’t beat my favourite smoked salmon slices. How about some cheese to accompany your sandwich?

#12 Assorted Breads 

#13 Assorted Pastries 

#14 Assorted Jams

Next, it should be some high-energy breads and pastries, which can be lightly spread with some Australian fruit jams. 

#15 Bircher Muesli

The sight of bircher muesli on the breakfast buffet table makes my heart skip, because it's of yoghurt, oats and fruits which pave a healthy way towards the nutritious and tasty breakfast. Topped with raisins, the bircher will not go too bland in taste.

#16 Varieties of Dim Sum

Nothing to shout about here, but if you savour some good ranges of dim sum, head over to their Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant at Ground Floor for the endless array of mouth-watering dim sum.

#17 Fresh Salads

#18 Healthy Fruit Cuts

#19 Chocolate Muffins

Lastly, here's a treaty endnote for the weekend breakfast, with the muffin looking so darkly elegant despite of the overly mild chocolate flavour. 

1. A hearty breakfast but the only disappointment is the overcooked half-boiled egg which turns out to be hard-boiled eggs.
2. A full English breakfast; The menu is quite a standard fare but perfect to cater the businessmen.
3. I love the healthy concept here, with all sorts of whole grinas and low fat fairy products, especially my favourite bircher muesli.

Executive Lounge 
Level 17,
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7665 1111 ext 203
Website: www.eastin.com

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