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07 October, 2012

4th Giveaway: Sakae Sushi Dining Vouchers

"Hi everyone, call me sweetie," said Froggie. 

How many of you are a fan of the Frog and Sushi? So far, Sakae Sushi is still the best in my best among the Japanese food chains, easily beat Sushi King and Sushi Zanmai with its endless choices in the menu! 

In fact, I have blogged about it TWICE: Here#1 and here#2

I told you, October is a good month, not only for me but for you as well! 
I am giving away 5 pieces of RM10 complimentary vouchers,
meaning RM50 worth in total...

...to ONE lucky reader!

You can use these vouchers over 20 outlets in whole Malaysia! 

If you have yet to try the latest menu in Sakae Sushi, 
then grab this chance, win the vouchers & check it out as soon as possible!

Mechanism of the Sakae Sushi Dining Vouchers Giveaway
1) Leave a comment saying "I Love Sakae Sushi because....." 
and I will pick ONE (1) winner with the best comment.
2) Contest will end at 11 October 2012, 18:00 sharp (i.e 6pm)
3) Contest is opened to followers living in Malaysia only. 



  1. I Love Sakae Sushi because im Sakai Frog who like to eat sushi so damn much!! yeaa!!xDD
    Sakae - Sakai!! hehe xDD
    Fishies i wan!!!!xDD

  2. I Love Sakae Sushi because the food is fresh and reasonably priced!:)

  3. I Love Sakae Sushi because it is froggie's favourite food! :D

  4. I love Sakae Sushi because I would like to try their menus and meet da cute froggie! :))

  5. I Love Sakae Sushi because they serve high quality and fresh sushi dishes which deserves to be in my tummy!

  6. I love Sakae Sushi because my girlfriend had worked at there during her internship and she love froggie so much..just wish to let her have more enjoyable moment at there and I will try all my best for her..:)

  7. hi, izzit the voucher need spend at least RM30 in order to get the RM10 discount?
    cause my one is like that but edi expire last week~

  8. how cute hmmm I haven't tasted tht kind of sushi

  9. I Love Sakae Sushi because I have heard so much about it but I have not had the chance to try before all the absolutely stunning food that I have seen in everyone's blogs on the place.

  10. Hmm, such a generous giveaway ;)

  11. Sounds like an awesome giveaway :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Looking fwd to your Int'l Giveaways :) Good luck to all!

  13. i love sakae sushi because, it's tasty, yummy and affordable

  14. I love Sakae Sushi because I live to eat and eat to live. So I must eat the BEST of the BEST !

  15. I love Sakae Sushi because i want to eat it with OhFishiee~ Would you date me? XD

  16. Awesome pictures! – simple and stunning.

  17. love your photos but can count me out of the contest as am not fond of japanese food. Good contest though :)

  18. wat a waste its for malaysia only. We have Sakae Sushi in SG too!

  19. I Love Sakae Sushi because
    [S]uper fresh Japanese cuisines served everyday,
    [A]nago Specials in September was better than souffle,
    [K]ing, Zanmai or Tei - I'd choose Sakae,
    [A]fter each meals I'm satisfied for the day,
    [E]xperiencing the best sushi in Sakae makes me stay!

  20. I LOVE SAKAE SUSHI because they have lots of yummy sushi and mee. Sushi is my favourite!!

  21. I Love Sakae Sushi because I like frogs, and that's the cutest frog I've ever seen! :D

  22. I love Sakae Sushi because that's the place where both my girl and myself enjoy food!!! I love western, and she love rice.. but we both love SUSHI!! so, isn't Sakae Sushi a good place for us? :D

  23. I Love Sakae Sushi because my children love their cute kids menu.

  24. I Love Sakae Sushi because the food in Sakae Sushi bring happiness and "hang fook" to me. No matter it's the sashimi, ramen, sushi or sushi roll, their goals are the same. I feel the hang fook-ness whenever I put them in my mouth and chewwww~~ :D Voilaa. They're so yummy and delicious! :)

  25. I Love Sakae Sushi because the food and the environment suit for families & friends. It is a great place for family weekend get together, birthday celebration or anniversay celebrations. Sakau Sushi simply the best!

  26. I LOVE SAKAE SUSHI because of its fresh and affordable food without hurting the wallet too much. Its also a great place for the family as my kids really love their kids menu.

  27. I Love Sakae Sushi because the sushi is awesome! And because the blogger is super beautiful!


  28. So nice of you ! wify and kids like this sushi outlet, we usually dine at Subang Parade !


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