Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sushi King 2012 New Menu

Wherever there is Sakae Sushi, I'd certainly hop by for lunch or a quick meal. But what about those shopping malls that don't have Sakae Sushi? 

To satisfy my Japanese cravings, I have no choice but to opt for Sushi King. My last visit was...N years ago! And now I'm surprised to find their new, diversified menu. 

#1 Fish Rice Burger @ RM6.00

Having the fish rice burger is killing two birds with one stone. Not only I can enjoy the sushi rice patty, but also the crispy deep-fried fish! A zest of mayo on iceberg lettuce adds a tangy goodness into it.

#2 Mixed Bento @ RM16.90

They offer affordable set meals promo for both lunch and dinner. For the main course, a bowlful of steamed rice garnished with black sesame is complemented with a large piece of broiled salmon, and deep fried chicken with teriyaki sauce. That's very filling for one!

#3 Salmon Sushi @ RM 4.00

The best thing about salmon is, I get to eat 'em as raw as I want! Despite of the fair freshness, I'm disappointed with the thin portion of salmon slice.

Does not worth a visit here if my favourite salmon goes wrong. So I'd probably end up stucking at Sakae Sushi again during my next visit to a casual Japanese dining :) 

Sushi King Malaysia
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm daily

Note: Photos taken using Samsung Galaxy Note. 


  1. oh yes.. I always prefer Sakae than Sushi King...

  2. the fish burger looks interesting! it's been a very long time since i visited sushi king too. will try to check it out someday soon :D

  3. Oh the #1 Fish Rice Burger should be nice sometimes need to have a change in taste. tQ

  4. not exactly a fan of sushi king by a long stretch, but the burger looks interesting

  5. wow, nice lo~ sushi burger was originated from australia~

  6. Hmm, dint know there's new menu at Sushi King. Ever since the opening of another Japanese restaurant here, I hardly step into Sushi King anymore, haha!

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  8. Never know got this new menu Fish Rice Burger. RM6.00 consider cheap. I only know got Chicken Katsu Rice Burger earlier of Jan 2012. . Will drop by to try it out soon. Thanks ^_^

  9. yup i prefer sakae sushi too! but i do go to sushi king when there's bonanza haha *cheapo*

  10. I'd rather have the bento - don't think I'd fancy rice burgers...

  11. We went to this sushi outlet a few weeks back. Ordered the rice burger but to our disappointment, it was sold out. It was quite late i think they were closing their kitchen.

  12. I am not really a fan of sushi but I could eat sashimi for a change :)

  13. the offer a scrumptious bento with an affordable prize that sounds interesting

  14. I don't eat sushi at Sushi King but their bento set. Haha! Sakae Sushi is definitely better.

  15. I've never seen a fish rice burger. It looks tasty!

  16. Sakae does serve better Fresh Raw Salmon, in my opinion !


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