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14 November, 2012

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012: I Did My Good Deed!

Did I mention that Blackmores is having a 80 Deeds Campaign 2012 in my previous post? To mark their 80th Anniversary, Blackmores is having a contest for us!

Blackmores’ 80th year is a significant one, and the launch of the Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012 encourages all Malaysians to extend a kind deed to another Malaysian, be it a family member, colleague or even a ‘frenemy’, without expecting any form of compensation. 

The contest is very simple! 
Do your good deed, record it as a story/picture/video, 
upload to social networking sites and
submit it to

1. Include your full name, email, mobile number and a short description of your random deed of kindness in your submission.
2. The contest is open to all Malaysians.
3. You may record your kind deed and share it on your blog site, Facebook or Twitter.
4. To be in the running for the 80 Best Deeds Awards, please notify Blackmores through email:
5. Final submission is by 4th December 2012.
6. Judges' decision is final. Winners will be based on their creativity, relevance and originality.
7. Blackmores reserves the right to use the winning submissions for promotional purposes.

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012 Prizes: 

Grand Prize (x1)
2 days 1 night stay at Avillion Port Dickson worth RM1000

Best 8 Deeds (x8)
Blackmores Hamper worth RM800 each

For more information, visit Blackmores Facebook at

All participants must post their deeds online at or via their social media platform of choice to be in the running for the prizes.


 And of course I fully support the Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012! 
Let's see what I did as a little contribution to the society...

More often than not, taking care of children and senior citizens can be an uphill task. 
Especially when looking after the handicapped and disabled children, 
it takes double the amount of patience and perserverance, 
and is definitely a challenge for me :) 

PPKKCTM is a home for the disabled ones, there I meet people of all ages--- from a little baby to an old folk. They may be imperfect, but the smiles on their faces tell me that they are surviving well, leading a happy life under the shelter :')

I was there with my friends to experience something meaningful in my life--- giving tuition to the young children aged ranging from 7 to 12 years. 5 of us, with the 2 caretakers are assigned to 2 children each, helping them with homework and then attending to their academic questions

After 2 hours of providing free tuition services to the kids, I actually feel that it boosts my mood! I feel this is much meaningful than I'd have thought.... maybe because I get to help people in need? 

The kids are quite diligent too, they are fast learners and the only reason I think why some may not excel in the studies is because they are lacking of coaching and proper guidance from tutors! And that's why I am here to help them :) 

To be honest, the kids do not have a complete library in the house. However, the incomplete reference books and insufficient reading materials do not deter them from striving for their studies! If you want to donate some books or computers, feel free to contact them. 

 After the tutor session, I manage to be friends with a few handicapped residents there. 
They are all so friendly, and I'd remember to bring along some gifts the next time I visit them! 

I am SO proud of them! 
Nothing is impossible if you place your best effort and hard work in it.

Regardless of how much effort you put to the community, each and every contribution counts :) 

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012 Deadline is 4th December 2012, 
be quick and do your good deed now! 


  1. Very inspiring post! Well done, Fish!

  2. Sounds like a great initiative! thumbs up! =)

  3. It's a very meaningful things that you all have done. I took it's multi vitamin too.

  4. that is so inspiring how i wish i could really help

  5. This place brings back memories when I used to go on a weekly visit to help teach the children to sing for their concerts. Unfortunately the group that I was no longer exists but thanks for sharing. My 1st trip there made me cry uncontrollably when I reached home as I truly felt sorry for them but I'm glad it didn't stop me from my efforts! ;)

  6. Well done, Fish. Go Go Go! ;-)


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