18 January, 2013

Kim Lian Kee (金莲记福建面美食馆) @ Kenanga Wholesale City, KL

Kim Lian Kee is a famous Hokkien noodle stall in Petaling Street since the 1920s. It claims to be the first Hokkien-style fried mee in Kuala Lumpur, using charcoal for frying to maintain its unique taste. I have long heard about it, but not tried any. Until I visited Kenanga Wholesale City in KL, I found its newest branch there. Tempted by the nice aroma wafting from this stall, I just can't stop myself to savor some.

#1 Signature Hokkien Mee (福建面) @ RM8.90

If you're a first timer, the must-have is the house specialty hokkien mee. It comes with a choice of mee, mee hoon, kuey teow or yee mee. Anyway, my hokkien yee mee is not as aromatic and flavourful as I'd expect, but it is nicely added with crispy pork lard and sliced pork. Overall, it has nothing to shout about, but good to fill a hungry stomach after hours spent on shopping there.

 #2 Cantonese Style Noodle (广府炒) @ RM8.90

I always prefer this method of cooking, with plenty of egg gravy and not so dry for the palate. The portion is sufficient to fit an average individual, but definitely smaller than those we normally have at the hawker stall. This dish scores higher in terms of taste and flavours, without being overly salty.

 #3 Moonlight Kuey Teow (月光河) @ RM9.90

It is basically a plate of fried kuey teow with an added raw egg at the centre. You have mix the noodles around in order to 'cook' the egg before it can be served. I personally love enjoying the noodles when it is glued with runny eggs, and the dish could be better if the kuey teow is less sticky and watery. 

So much as I love eating around, I am a health conscious and watch my daily intake carefully. Sinful, I believe washing down the calories and cholesterol with a glass of iced lemon tea would do great to the palate.

1. Despite of the fame and popularity, I believe this branch of Kim Lian Kee needs to retrain its chef in order to keep up the quality with other outlets. 
2. Price falls on a rather steep side, yet it is a very good choice to dine in as compared to other stalls in the food court.
3. I'll make sure I have breakfast/lunch before visiting this place again. 

Kim Lian Kee (金莲记福建面美食馆)
Non-halal Food Court, Level 7,
8.01, Kompleks Kenanga Wholesale City (何清园时装城)
Jalan Gelugor, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. The ice lemon tea has so many slices of lemon!
    Made me feel like having Moonlight Kuey Teow for lunch le... ^_^

  2. Ooooo...Hokkien mee, long time haven't had. Slurpssss!!!! Melissa, the Moon River kway teow at that Dengkil Restaurant also very good lah!!!! Go! Go! Give it a try!

  3. wow long time didnt eat this >.< miss it

  4. i like hokkien mee, it's a good supper snack! :D

  5. yummy foods and refreshing drinks
    cool post fishee

  6. Looks tasty. I love all this food.

    But I am sorry I do not understand why you said that you will have brunch first before visit the place?


  7. the hokkien mee like a tad too dark... but the darker it is, the tastier the tastes.

  8. Wow, your Hokkien Mee is so different from ours! Is it sweet?

  9. Im missing their moonlight kuey teow in HQ,petaling street!! Compared with my 2nd trying in Viva Home cheras, taste really soosooo only....

  10. I still think that the branch at petaling street is the best!!!!!!1

  11. Oh, but tea is great with meals! I do feel more refreshed after drinking it.

  12. Craving for the moonlight Kuey Teow but where to get near my office ler... *tks tks*

  13. makan then go visit this place? :x


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