23 March, 2013

Fonterra's Artisan Cheese "MAINLAND" Launch in Malaysia

Anmum, Fernleaf, Solivite, Anlene and Chesdale are the familiar brands we often see on TV, in supermarkets, and perhaps you may be one of the loyal customers of these products? They are all brought to you since 1975 by Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy producer from New Zealand.

Recently Fonterra has brought in something new to our country--- the Premium Mainland Cheese! Mainland produces only the highest quality, best tasting cheese since 1950s, and I'm looking forwards to buy it in the supermarket so that I can enjoy it more with family at home.

Mr David Ross, Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Malaysia said Fonterra had been supplying top-quality dairy nutrition to Malaysia for 40 years, which was almost the age of the Mainland cheese brand.

As part of New Zealand Week in Malaysia, Economic Development Minister Hon Steven Joyce was in Malaysia to launch Mainland cheese brand.

Steven Joyce, flanked by Fonterra Malaysia Foodservice head Linda Tan and Fonterra Malaysia managing director David Ross, carved the cheese before New Zealand Gala Dinner that evening.

A photo opportunity with the team behind the successful brand, Fonterra.

MAINLAND CHEESE: Carefully Crafted Product Range

A rich, full-bodied cheddar, aged for 24 months for that extra sharp taste and crumbly texture.
Great as snack with bread and on cheese board or garnish for salad or pasta. 


Aged for 18 months, this cheddar is sharp and full-flavoured with slightly crumbly texture. It's the cheese for all- snacking or cooking. Use it to make exceptional sandwiches and pizzas.


A delectably tasty but light yet full flavoured cheddar made healthier with 30% less fat. A cheese to indulge for vegetarians and best for Asian / fusion cuisine. Let's say, sprinkle some onto your doughnuts?


A soft, smooth and creamy cheese with sweet, mild flavour. It's quick and easy melt cheese with minimal browning, best topping for almost anything!


A smooth Dutch-style cheese with a creamy mild taste and is less 25% fat. Mellow, smooth and slightly salty, it is perfect for cooking, snacking or cheese boards as well as pairing with fruits. 


A creamy textured cheese with a sweet, buttery, mellow flavour. Perfect addition to any cheese board or simply put a tinge on your dessert. Great snacking; kids love it.

After a brief introduction on all the MAINLAND Cheeses,
we proceeded with the cheese tasting session. Yums!

The quality and flavour of Mainland cheese speaks for itself. Each and every type has its distinctive taste and characteristics. Be it a pizza, pasta, salad or even a sandwich, Mainland cheeses will be my top choice.

After tasting on the raw cheeses, we got back to our seats for a cooking demonstration by Chef Firuz from the local Fonterra. 

First up is the Stuffed Mushroom with Beef Brisket and Cherry Tomato,
thanks to Fonterra and Chef Firuz for sharing the recipe!

80ml olive oil 
3 shallots (chopped)
3 garlic (chopped) 
12 cherry tomato (wedges) 
4 slices beef brisket (chopped) 
fresh thyme (chopped) 
salt and pepper 
20 fresh button mushroom 
150g mainland Colby cheese (shredded)

Once opened, cheese blocks will last for several weeks when stored in the refrigerator.

1) In a mixing bowl, combine olive oil, shallot, garlic, cherry tomato, 
beef brisket, fresh thyme and season with salt and pepper. 
2) Stuff into fresh button mushroom 
3) Grate the Mainland Colby cheese
4) Top the button mushroom with shredded cheese

I have seen gouda, edam and colby cheeses sold in Cold Storage, but can't really differentiate the usages of them. Now I learn that preparing a simple cheese dish can be so simple!

Final Step: Bake in a preheated oven for around 10 minutes at 180°C
The dish itself is simply healthy and free from oil!

Stuffed Mushroom with Beef Brisket and Cherry Tomato 

Finally, here's the end product. The button mushrooms are cooked into golden brown perfection,
and the Colby cheese melts nicely with minimal browning. Delicious!

The second dish of the evening was a simple sandwich in pita wrap. 

That's a simple and well-balanced dinner for me :) Cheese should not be labelled as 'fattening', in fact it is very nutritious and packed with calcium. A simple preparation of cheese can make your meal more enjoyable!

MAINLAND cheese is best eaten at room temperature to enjoy the full flavour.
Your dishes can be what you serve with the cheese that makes the difference.

Fonterra's MAINLAND Cheeses are available at major supermarkets 
and hypermarkets in Malaysia as well as through food service from June 2013 onwards.


  1. a cheesy post indeed!
    yum yum

  2. i'll go crazy if i attend this kind of event....im a cheese freak! hahah :D

  3. fuhhhhhh I saw alot of cheeseeeeee :O but too bad I'm not really a cheese lover haha

  4. So much cheese...I would love to devour all of them. :D

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