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14 May, 2013

BOH Tea Party: 10th Annual BOH Cameronian Arts Awards

#1 BOH Cameron Highlands Tea Special Edition

Courtesy to BOH Plantations Sdn Bhd, I was invited to the annual BOH’s Tea Party 
together with the blogger community and BOH Facebook fans.

#2 DOME Cafe, Pavilion KL

The event was held at main concourse area in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, as this year’s awards aim to reach out to the everyday man on the street, by having the awards ceremony at a public location.

#3 It's the first time in my life I see so many varieties of BOH tea! 

Besides the usual BOH Ice Tea, and 3 in 1 tea mix, I didn't realise they actually have a series of "Garden Tea", mango-flavoured tea and even body care products made of tea!

#4 The tea comes in more than 15 varieties! How many have you tried?

#5 Signature BOH Tea: Cameronian Gold Blend

#6 Corporate Pewter Gift Set: Beautifully Crafted Pewter Tea Caddy and Spoons

#7 BOH Body Care Pack

Comes in 3 flavours: Black Tea, White Tea and Green Tea. Specially made for your soul and body. Now time to transform your home into a spa haven with comfortable DIY pampering sessions. 

#8 Seri Songket Collection
3 flavours: Mango, Lemon with Mandarin Oranges, Lime with Ginger

#9 Crowd's Favourite BOH Teh O Ais

#10 Girls' Day Out: Senri, Lisa, yours truly, Veron

Since the inception of Cameronian Arts Awards, BOH has been the title sponsor of tis prestigious event. And I am glad to be in part of the tea party, to learn more bout BOH varieties of premium tea and get closer to our Malaysian cultural performing arts. 

#11 Fans of BOH along with friends of media were served with petite pastry and desserts 
that I find very interesting because each of them pairs well with different types of BOH tea.  

#12 5 Lucky guests of the day went home with a hamper full of BOH products each!

#13 The tea party also included a private showing of the production “Cinta Sang Arnab” 
which was part of the Kakiseni Festival in Pavilion.

#14 Cinta Sang Arnab

 The production starred Anitha Abdul Hamid, Sukania Venugopal, Edwin Sumun and Iskandar Zulkarnain and directed by Ghafir Akbar and depicts an unexpected love beginning at Penang Bridge that leads to a hilarious and everlasting love.

#15 Have you tried BOH Cameron Highlands Tea?

Special thanks to BOH for the lovely tea party, I had a great time with the girls, 
and I have also brought some BOH tea home! 

Time to make every afternoon tea memorable with BOH :)

For more information, visit:


  1. The special box super cool! And I didn't know they had body range. Would love to try out tea-scented bath products. :D My fave form BOH is their Rose & Lychee tea. Wish it came in a tin too, like the other flavours from Songket collection. T_T

  2. well those were pretty interesting products, and by the way love your header

  3. Wow, BOH even have a body care pack? O.O All my life, when I heard of BOH I thought they only produce tea LOLLLL. Anyways, thanks for sharing, Fishiee! I followed your blog as well! ^o^

    Celyx Lim

  4. Loving these products my friend thanks for sharing :D


  5. Wow...BOH has body care too?!

  6. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

  7. BOH's Teacino is quite nice!
    I wish BOH's Teacino is sold in SG. Can't find it anywhere =(

  8. wow i so long didnt drink BOH tea ad. haha perhaps can go buy and try ad =D


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