26 June, 2013

FibreGo: For Detox & Slimming

Currently on diet. I realise it is not easy to refrain myself from yummy deep fried stuff and sinful desserts T__T It takes my life to cut down on the sweet stuff! What should I do to satisfy my sweet cravings? 

Luckily I found something to kill the hunger pangs and detoxify my body. Introducing to you...the FibreGo Dietary Supplement for healthy digestion and better weight management! 

Believe it or not, after trying the FibreGo drinks for the first time I feel it is more satisfying than my usual chocolates and sweets! Why? I'll explain to you later...

Why Do We Need Fibre?
True enough, fibre doesn't provide any nutritional value, but it is part and parcel of life because it reduces toxin in our body, lowers cholesterol and reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 

Constipation and hard-like-rock stool. 
Does that sound familiar to you? Soon you'll feel the effect of longterm deprivation of fibre. 

One pack of FibreGo contains 15 sachets. Highly recommended for those who don't eat all the 5 colors of vegetables and fruits! If you often experience constipation, I think you need 2 sachets per day in order to have a healthy, clean colon.

How Does FibreGo Work?
4 core ingredients with respective functions:

1. Psyllium Fibre:
Extremely rich in fibre and helps absorb toxins in the large intestine to be excreted.
2. Bitter Orange Fruit Fibre:
High in antioxidant that promotes intestinal detoxification and reduces appetite for controlled eating.
3. Aloe Vera:
Stimulates the movement of food down the digestive tract and promotes better stool excretion.
4. Green Tea:
An antioxidant that helps fight bacteria, control blood sugar levels and prevent absorption of fats.

Each sachet has a generous amount of brownish 'fibre' powder. Mix with 200ml hot water (Preferably boiling hot water!) and stir well. Caution: Don't ever use water below 80°C or the mixture will clump into dark orangy starch.

Once you've mixed it well, you should be able to see a translucent mixture with sticky gel-like texture.
It is even thicker than my favourite oat beverages, but definitely tastes 10 times better! Imagine having a refreshing cup of orange juice, this is pretty similar except that it is much thicker.

I love this so much as my lunch or dinner because it gives you a sense of fullness that lasts me for at least 4 hours. Although it is not recommended to replace a meal, but I doubt if my stomach still have space for more food after drinking this.

Reminder: This health supplement serves as a food complement, 
not a meal replacement. Best to consume before a meal.

Here comes my overall verdict for FibreGo:

Vitamin C health drinks! Or close to sweet orange with a hint of sourness.

Very thick gel-like substance.
If you prefer a more dilute version, add more HOT water!

Yellow-orange with semi transparency.

Immediate Effect?
Fills up 75% of my stomach. Great as my meal replacement!
NO laxative effect ("Feel like rushing to toilet")

Each sachet is so low in calories (58.2 cal) that I couldn't believe it!

Made of natural ingredients with no artificial flavouring, it is safe for consumption for all ages. 
You can also add this into your vegetarian diet :) 

My overall experience with FibreGo is exceptionally great! 
I'm glad that I'm really indulged in the healthy choice of food now :)

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**This review is solely based on my personal experience and opinion.


  1. The texture is quite disgusting & I don't like it as I'm having some fiber drinks which has similar texture too ~ *yucks*

  2. hmm interesting texture, now im curious


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