11 June, 2013

LANVIN ME Lanvin Perfume: A Gift For Yourself

I am totally seduced by this LANVIN ME commercial video! Watch it and I swear you'd love it too. Lanvin's latest creation of feminine fragrance, Lanvin ME is not just a fragrance; Its composition tells a story expressed in each separate shade, resembling a melody of feelings and emotions.

Most importantly.....It tells the story about me. 
Yes, myself. Every person has a story to tell....

It's time to unwrap the precious gift of ME, the perfect moment to unfold what's inside ME.
Explore ME and you'd discover so much more. Now let Lanvin ME to tell my story...

ABOUT The Glamorous ME

Gems and luxurious gold chain are combined with elegant and delicate box with unique shades, carefully tied with fine gold thread, making an elegant creation by Lanvin and Alber Elbaz which highlights beauty of the person carrying them.

Lanvin ME opens with an exceptionally delicious floral scent and continues to surprise me with refreshingly fruity notes. I don't normally fancy rosy scent, but this is very seductive! Not overly intense, I love the lightly sweet fragrance that reveals the feminine side of ME :)

I always believe beauty is revealed from the inner self. No fancy dress, no thick makeups because it's the self-confidence that draws the desire to know, see and feel my true self. Just like how Lanvin ME does, in a simple box with a bow pulling ME close, but once you untie it, you'd be surprised through the magic of mystery... 

Actually I feel that ME is specially dedicated for myself! It's a bright and whimsical fragrance that brings out the fun side of me. I love playing with colours in outfits, makeups, home decor and ultimately adds colours to everything around me! That's how Lanvin ME links me with fashion and emotion...

The new fragrance for women promises to embody elegance, style and Parisian chic. 
Specially dedicated to woman who is unique and independent.

ME is envisaged as an object of desire with a vivacious spirit of energy to complete my dream. It's such a divine feeling to be close to nature, to explore the world. In fact, photography has always been my passion. Seeing the part and parcel of life through the lens is a continuous journey of exploration...

What I love the most bout Lanvin ME is the packaging. Gold thread tying on the outer carton resembles ribbons that decorate gifts, while the simple, beautiful flacon has engravings on the black stopper. A gold chain with blue-toned gemstone on the collar of the bottle. Doesn't this make the best gift perfume ever? 


Developed by perfumer Domitille Bertier, top notes of Lanvin Me introduce delicate floral notes supported and sweetened by fruity zest of blueberry and oranges combined with licorice and sandalwood in the heart. Seductive hues are offered by intense tuberose complementing sweet-fruity passions rounded on the fascinating base.

Here's how ME conveys the secret of scent to you...

The new, unique fragrance without false modesty, that accentuate strong will, intimacy and sensuality. Its scent and composition depict a typical Lanvin woman – spontaneous, elegant and very feminine.

Thank you ME for telling my very own veritable story :) 
Since ME is a gift perfume, the ME woman loves to give it to herself. 
It's time for you to get one too!

Lanvin ME is available from early June 2013 onwards.
ME comes in two sizes: EDP 80ml and 50ml

For more information, do head to www.luxasia.com.

This is a special collaboration with LilacTeam & LuxAsia.
For more information on The Lilac Box, kindly visit www.thelilacbox.com


  1. Nice photography and nice your "ME" story too.

  2. nice photos! the bottle is really cute! look so classy too! the top notes blueberries? gotta be so nice!

  3. Nice photos (: Got myself the miniature one from Cleo last month but I don't really like the scent.

  4. love each and every of your shot! your selling the product well

  5. Wah become professional perfume model leh......

  6. Nice bottle!
    And you look pretty in the photos above ^_^

  7. haha all the photos u shoot at community tasik cyberjaya? anyway very nice ler all the photos!

  8. sounds like a fabulous fragrance! and your photos for this post are fantastic :D


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