10 June, 2013

Wacoal b.tempt'd Young & Trendy Lingerie is Now in Malaysia!

 It's common to buy luxurious items occasionally to reward ourselves. These items are not limited to branded bags, jewelry or gadgets, but also include undergarments! 

#1 Cutesy and pretty lingerie from Wacoal Young Counter at ISETAN KLCC.

#2 Fancy Lingerie for the Girls!

How often do you buy yourself / your girlfriend / wife a beautiful set of lingerie? Women should invest in high quality, long lasting undergarments more than ever. If you haven't been doing so, start now! 

#3 b.tempt'd by Wacoal 

Wacoal Malaysia has recently brought in the young and trendy brand, B. TEMPT'D from U.S.A.
It is a fashionable lingerie line for the young, created by Wacoal, the famed Japanese innerwear producer in 2009. 

#4 b.tempt'd Launch in Malaysia

During the launch, Wacoal showcased the thoughtfully picked, iconic collections at ISETAN KLCC Wacoal Young Counter. b.tempt'd uses purple as the main color, because purple resembles passion, peace and creativity that reflects the chic young Malaysian ladies.

#5 Be Tempted! By Wacoal 

b.tempt'd popular collections include:
1. How Gorgeous that flaunts a desirable contour
2. b.Wow'd that gives a sensational lift to the  bust
3. Hip and Chic for daywear and at home

#6 b.wow'd Push Up Bra Collection by b.tempt'd

#7  b.tempt'd Colorful Collection

Infused with zest and vitality, b.tempt'd spices up your life 
with sexy lace details and sensational push on the bust. 

#8  'b.wow'd' Push Up Bra in Iron and Lilac Colors

I love the pretty scallop edge trims! Best worn to enhance your cleavage with the push up feature. Coupled with good fit and adjustable strap, it is comfortable for all day! 

#9 Convertible to Criss-Cross & Halter

#10 'How Gorgeous' Push Up Bra in Patina Green

I don't normally fancy the flirty lace trim which will show on shirts, but this How Gorgeous Contour Bra is a ultra-soft T-Shirt Bra which has molded contour cups with hidden wire. It can be worn under almost anything!

#11 Some of the b.tempt'd Playful Pieces

#12 Model Showcasing b.tempt'd Collection

#13 Speech by Mr Takashi Watanabe, Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia 

During the launch, Mr Takashi was proud to announce that Wacoal is celebrating its 10th year in Malaysia, and this is the right time to introduce the American sweetheart to the equally adorable Malaysian ladies. 

#14 Opening Ceremony by the directors from Wacoal Malaysia and ISETAN 

#15 Hip hop dance performance by models wearing b.tempt'd lingerie

#16 Are you TEMPTED yet?

As for me, I honestly am a lazy lingerie buyer, not really paying attention of the quality or structure of a bra and ultra lazy to go into the fitting room. But at Wacoal, the experts had made me realised I should change my habit. 

Wacoal has an exclusive bra fitting session for customers, so feel free to walk to the counter and consult their lingerie experts and know more bout yourself. 

Each time I scan through the bra stores, I am thinking about the practically of each piece, trying to avoid bold patterns as much as possible. After trying on the few collections, b.wow'd bra is my best pick as it gives a perfect fit and ultimate comfort for me! 

 Bows, lace and other flirty details give b.tempt'd bras and briefs a look that purrs with femininity. Back sizes are 30-38 and cup sizes A to F.

The playful bustiers, corsets, garter belts, bikinis, hipsters and thongs come simply in small, medium and large. b.tempt'd is made by Wacoal, so you can expect the great quality, fit and comfort in it.

Priced from RM119.00 onwards, B.TEMPT"D is currently available at Wacoal Young Counters at ISETAN KLCC and ISETAN 1 Utama. It's time to get yourself fun and fabulous lingerie! 

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  1. I wonder if Wacoal will ever have this line of lingerie in Sunway Pyramid. =)

  2. well girls wearing nicely fitted stuffs like that was surely a plus points for me


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