01 June, 2013

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 Amazing 13MP Camera and Story Album

#1 Say Hello to My Life Companion!

Since the day this Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched, I have been keeping an eye on it because I'm very impressed with this phone! Special thanks to Manoah Consulting and Samsung Malaysia, I am a happy user of S4 now! 

#2 Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S4

Just gotten this phone 2 weeks ago, and I'm loving it all the time! I swear I have handled it with much care--- I hold it firmly every moment, worrying that this 7.9mm phone might slip from my palm, and I try my best not to dirty the surface, wipe the screen everytime after touching it, etc etc.

Really, it is like my precious now! 

#3 In-Box Items: 
Travel Adapter and Data Cable
Quick Start Guide
Premium Headset

#4 How S4 Looks On The Inside and Outside

Despite of running on an octacore processor, the large battery capacity of 2600 mAh is sufficient for moderate users. For me, I use my phone to check mail, Facebook-ing, Tweeting, Candy Crush-ing, and most importantly, taking pictures. So I have to charge it daily. Otherwise, the battery should last you longer.

#5 Maximum Personalization for My Hero!

Pimped the phone with lots of cutesy icons, themes and shortcuts. Yet the phone is able to run very smoothly. I guess this is the power of combining one 1.6GHz Quad-core and one 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor.

#6 Ultra-Clear Screen Brings Better Enjoyment for Candy Crushing!

#7 Shortcuts with Just a Touch Using Two Fingers!

#8 Camera: 13 Megapixels with 12 Camera Modes 

From its outer appearance and performance wise, I have no complaints at all but that's not the best part yet! So far, Galaxy S4 has outperformed all the phones in the market in terms of the camera! I am surprised to know that this 13 Megapixels camera is even better than my DSLR!

Out of the 12 modes, my favourite picks are:
Auto Mode, Beauty Face, Rich Tone (HDR) 

Let me tell you why.....

#9 Camera: Auto Mode (Indoor Day Light)

I love taking pictures! Ever since having S4, I realised I stopped bringing DSLR along wherever I go because the phone camera is able to produce sharp, vivid images without much noise. And I'm very satisfied when someone commented that my recent Instagram pictures have become sharper, clearer and of better color composition! 

#10 Camera: Auto Mode (Low Light Condition)

This picture was taken during the concert I went last week. Obviously the camera has produced amazingly high-quality images with minimum noise even at low light condition. I even used 2 times zoom for this picture yet the sharpness of image is not greatly affected. S4 is MY HERO! ♥

#11 Impressively Good Pictures from S4 Camera!

I bet most of us hate bringing bulky camera around but at the same time want to capture the precious moments. Here comes the best alternative--- Invest on a phone with awesome camera like this :)

#12 Dual Shot Camera

Another function that is amazing for me is the dual shot camera which captures two images at the same time, one from rear camera, another from front camera. Simply choose your frame and its position on the picture, and click the camera button! The displays from front & rear camera are interchangeable.

#13 Dual Shot Is So Convenient!

This is what I did with Lisa during a lingerie event. Haha! I can even use
the frame of our faces to cover unwanted subject in the image from rear camera :P

#14 Self-Shots from Front Camera 

I'm surprised that the front camera is just as good! No noise, no blur image, what else can beat this 2MP camera? I tried the front camera with beauty mode, and the result is just amazing. Can you notice that my skin becomes smoother and more radiant? Thanks to this mighty innovation!

#15 Rich Tone Mode (HDR)

Normally HDR mode in usual photo-editing program produces heavily noisy image, but this preset mode in S4 camera is used to enhance the colour of the picture, so that it doesn't look so dull.

#16 English Hi-Tea Event Pictures using S4: CLICK HERE

Call me a lazy blogger :P Recently the pictures I took during events are all from the phone!
Feel free to click on the link to view all the event pictures.

#17 Food Review Pictures using S4: CLICK HERE

#18 Samsung Story Album

After having so many pictures in my Gallery, it's time to compile them into an album that tells my daily life story. The phone is ultra intelligent to sort the pictures accordingly for me. One of the suggested albums is the pictures during the event launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

#18 Auto-Compiled Pictures

The pictures are automatically put into collage arrangement and all I need to do is just to add caption at the bottom of the pictures. It can be transferred to your printer instantly, or you may choose to save it as a .PDF file so that you can bring this virtual album to anywhere you like.

#19 Group Play Sharing

Perhaps you can choose to transfer the pictures/album to your buddies using Samsung Group Play without Wi-Fi or cellular signal. This phone really makes me feel very connected to people around me.

#20 Extras: Flip Cover, Shock-Resistant Case, TecTiles

If you plan to get a Galaxy S4, make sure you protect it well :) Ultimately, I am a very satisfied user of this phone and I feel that it suits females a lot and it's a must-have for multi-taskers!

It currently retails at RM2,199 at major Samsung outlets. Do check them out!

My overall verdict on Galaxy S4:
What I love bout S4: 
  • 13MP Camera! Clear, sharp and vivid pictures can be produced in just one click.
  • Dual Shot Camera function. Very interesting and no picture editing is required. 
  • Sleek and slim design with metallic sides. The combination of white and silver is timeless and trendy! 
  • Ultra fast processor. It is good for me to run few apps at a time and some running in background. So far, I have not experienced any lag in opening apps and everything runs smoothly.

What I dislike bout S4: 
  • Battery capacity can still be improved, coz' heavy users like me need to charge it everyday. 
  • Only black and white color. I hope S4 will come in baby pink like Note 2 does! :D 

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  1. it seems like the camera is really good, producing sharp photos effectively, not bad but i guess i shall stick to my iphone >_<"

  2. dont know why all i see is plastic, plastic and plastic... lol but the camera is good la altho it's not the best but a lot of improvement from s3 or note 2

  3. great stuffs and event!, i would love to have one of those

  4. The S4 camera is really impressive! Should have wait a little longer and buy S4 instead ):

  5. wow...the camera is great!!


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