20 July, 2013

Review: BCL Browlash Ex Water Strong EyeLiner (Black): Waterproof & Long-lasting!

"A woman gets 30% of her beauty from nature and 70% from makeup", I remembered a Chinese makeup artist has once told me this. True enough. My daily makeup essentials are sunblock and foundation, but that's certainly not enough for small-eyed girl like me!
I need something to enlarge my eyes!

Eyeliner is my No.1 saviour! 

Among pencil, gel and liquid eyeliner, I'd choose liquid because of the ease of use. It is usually more precise than pencil liner, and more convenient than gel liner. Frankly, I have a love hate relationship with liquid eyeliners-- most of them fail me coz' they smudge within hours, even when I don't sweat! Pfft.

I have been switching brands, until I meet my current favourite--  BCL Browlash Ex Water Strong Black EyeLiner from Japan♥♥ It's pretty good and worth sharing with you girls!

The packaging is all in Japanese. Not that I can read them, but I guess it says it is a long-lasting, 24-hour non-smudge liquid liner. That convinces me to try it myself, plus Japanese products would never disappoint me =)

I did a quick test on the eyeliner. Immediately after drawing on my hand, I tried rubbing it with water and amazingly it stays in place. Such simple experiment assures me that (1) The eyeliner dries super fast on the surface. (2) The eyeliner is highly resistant to perspiration and water

Seriously I think this eyeliner is specially catered for Malaysians. Our typical weather is either hot sunny day or heavy downpour.  So if you need something sweat-proof, sebum-proof and water-proof, now you know what to look for!

For my favourite natural look, I often draw the eyeliner as close to the eyelid as possible, so the brush tip plays an important role here. And I'm glad that its felt-pen brush tip is fine and firm enough to help easy drawing especially for beginners (like me!).

Well, I don't call myself beginner but I'm still learning how to draw a perfect liner. 
I think I'm pretty good this time, my new eyeliner helps me a lot coz' it is easy to control. 

I love the intense carbon blackness that enhance my eye look bigger in a natural way  

Here I only draw a very fine line, to create the natural Korean beauty look.
And quite satisfied with the effect that makes me look more "awake"

Which do you prefer? Natural look (Left) or cat eye look (Right)?
Perhaps something more dramatic? But that's definitely not for daily wear ya...

Drawing fine and thick lines are made easier now, as it gives a neat, precise eye liner without smearing around the eyes from shaky hands. And I'm going to try out more styles with this versatile eyeliner soon!

Here's my overall comment:

What I Like about BCL Browlash Ex Water Strong EyeLiner:
  • Strong carbon black intensity that magnifies the eyes
  • Does not smudge at all for 24 hours!
  • Waterproof even if I wear it for a swim
  • User-friendly brush tip that makes my life so much easier haha

What I Dislike about BCL Browlash Ex Water Strong EyeLiner:
  • It really stays in place nicely for long hours, so a good eye makeup remover is needed to effectively remove it. 
BCL (Beauty Creative Lab) Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner retails at RM59.90. A user-friendly and value-for-money product that you should have in your makeup essentials :) Currently available at selected SASA outlets in Malaysia

For more information, kindly visit BCL at:
Facebook: fb.com/BclMalaysia


  1. my current eyeliner is Elianto, it's also nice, water proof & convenient to use. i guess im gonna try this one too :)

  2. well i think this was easier to use

  3. haha waterproof is so important! especially those like to cry! haha

  4. The cat eye look suit you wor, next time come out with this look when we meet ya :)


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