30 August, 2013

Cool Your Day with Mag-A-Cone

I love to share good stuff with my readers ^.^ Lots of people often approach me to ask where to find good food, which restaurant/cafe to visit, what special dishes do the restaurant has, etc. BUT...sometimes dining at home gives the best feeling on Earth =) Because at home, I can have mummy's Chinese dishes, plus our all-time favourite dessert.

...introducing to you the Magnolia Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble ice cream in cone, the latest addition to the Magnolia Mag-A-Cone family. This brand new flavour is a nice variation from the usual Vanilla and Chocolate, and I love Oreo cookies alot!

And I just got a pack of Mag-A-Cone for my family to try, because all of us are ice cream lovers! In fact, Ice cream has been my all-time favourite desssert / tea treat at home since childhood, because my parents have never restricted me on icy cold food, so I can just dig into the freezer and grab the flavour I want. 

If you wanna enjoy the rich chocolate sensation without losing the original flavour of vanilla, then the Magnolia Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble offers you the best of both worlds.

Time to enjoy my summer with the creamy vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookie crumble bits in a crispy wafer cone! Plus, it has generous topping of chocolate chips drizzled with chocolate sauce. 

Speaking of Oreo ice cream, first came into my mind was Mc Donald's Oreo McFlurry, which comes in a small cup and expensive. Now, with a fraction of the price, you can enjoy the Mag-A-Cone Cookie Crumble which is smoother, creamier and crunchier. 

Also in the multipack, I found two Mag-A-Cone Chocolate ice creams, a dreamy creamy flavour of rich chocolate ice cream, crunchy peanuts and creamy chocolate sauce. Definitely the best pick for the chocolate fanatics!

Yummy! It is overloaded with chocolate sauce from the top to the cone! 
  Just slouch on a sofa in front of the TV, or grab a friend and seize the day with excitement =)

Mag-A-Cone is also available in 2 ranges: Mag-A-Cone Supremo (French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Strawberry) and Mag-A-Cone Star (Vanilla and Chocolate). I gonna drop by to the nearest mart and grab these exciting variants soon! 

The multi pack comes in 4 ice cream cones per pack (RM7.90).
Individual retail price is RM2.20 per cone.

King's Potong is available in leading supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Do check it out!


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