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22 August, 2013

Review: BLOOP Candy Lip Stick #301

After a satisfying experience with BLOOP lip gloss, I decided to try out their Candy Lipstick as well.
In fact, I love collecting cutesy stuff and I simply can't resist the cuteness of this piece of candy!

Lipstick is a must-have item in a girl's bag, and this sweet-looking packaging is sleek and fits well even into the smallest clutch. There are 9 amazing colors to choose from, ranging from nude soft pink to dark sexy red. The colors are bold and sharp to make your lips look plump and kisasble!

The color I got is a stunning fuchsia pink shade, which is a youthful and healthy color that suits almost everyone! I can wear them everyday and look younger by years =) Well, my friend commented on my lipstick that it generally looks better on darker skin tone. But I'd say it's a summertime hue, how can you resist it? 

The Candy Lipstick gives an intense color on the lips
and I love the way the matte finish keeps the lips fresh.

Do my lips look healthier now? =)

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1. Besides convenience and ease of use, I love the non-greasy texture that glides onto the lips well.
2. The color is very vibrant, intense and able to last for long hours. 
3. It gives a pretty natural look to the lips =) 

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  1. Looks stunning on you babe! Such a gorgeous shade which instantly gives that pop of color!

  2. that pink suits you very well, cute sangat ^_^

  3. Love the shade of yours, I got 309! hehe, can't wait to share my thoughts on this product

  4. The pink colour looks really pretty on you! :D

  5. The colour is too pink for my liking :P


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