13 August, 2013

Review: Pedas Springs Spa, Genting Highlands

#1 A trip to Genting HIghlands is always filled with fun coz' I love visiting the outdoor theme park and enjoy the thrilling rides. It was sad to hear that it'd be closing down for 2 years, so it's time to have a different experience at Genting. How about a pampering spa session instead?

#2 I didn't notice there is such a huge spa centre in Genting Highlands. It is located directly opposite the First World Hotel Lobby (You can see Starbucks on your left, and Genting International Convention Centre on right, as you walk out from First World Hotel). There is a huge bright signage across the road, and you'll have to cross over this bridge before you reach Pedas Springs Spa. 

#3 Pedas Springs Spa is a wholesome family spa since 2009 with garden-themed relaxation sanctuary, where you can calm your body and mind with heavenly treatments and therapies, embraced in the cool mist of a tropical garden ambience. It’s the perfect place to relax and rediscover your zest for life. 

#4 Pedas Springs Genting Highlands - Award Winning Family Spa

Tour Around Pedas Springs Spa
#5 Here's the map of the whole Pedas Springs Spa, now you can imagine how HUGE it is!

#6 Stepping into this 15,000 square feet hub, I could sense the feeling of "Zen" rushing into my soul. No more hustles and bustles from the outside as I walked into this calming, tranquil surrounding. The ambiance was so relaxing, definitely good for the healing and rejuvenation of our body and senses. 

#7 Lounge area, I'd love to chill here

#8 For a successful spa business, I think the quality of service and hospitality is of utmost importance! The friendly staff here are well-trained and very helpful to get us our welcome drinks and take loads of pictures for us, before giving a brief introduction of the spa.  

#9 Lakeview Garden Terrace

The only space you can have ample natural lights and feel the breezy wind is the garden terrace located by the lake of the outdoor theme park. I was there early in the morning after a heavy downpour, and the cooling atmosphere here was so refreshing!

Pedas 4 VIP Spa Suites
#10 VIP Spa Suite

Being the largest spa sanctuary in Malaysia, Pedas Springs Spa is complete with 1 Signature Floating Villa, 4 VIP Spa Suites, 23 treatment beds, Thai massage rooms and more than 10 spa facilities that complete your holistic journey here. 

#11 Jacuzzi in VIP Suite

For Pedas Suite Spa Packages, it is a combination of bath, steam and massage treatments and 
you can experience a blissful milk bath in your private jacuzzi! 

#12 Infra Thermal Sauna

There is a similar sauna room for the public as one of the spa facilities, but if you prefer something more intimate, the infra thermal sauna is available for individuals or couples in one of the VIP suites.

#13 Foot Massage

#14 Massage Room

#15 List of Pedas Suite Spa Packages

Let's Begin Pampering Ourselves!
#16 Foot Soak

Part of the welcoming treat was the Foot Soak using BLISS Essential Oil originated from UK. 
The peppermint flavour gave an instant relaxation to my feet and made me felt refreshed. 

#17 Relax Lounge

We were then treated for an Aroma Foot Steam at the Relax Lounge, by putting our feet into the wooden buckets and then covering the thighs with a towel. The steam was pumped in from the bottom with the right temperature to improve blood circulation. So nice to have this under such cold weather =)

 Spa Facilities

#18 Patrons who spend more than RM200 here can enjoy all the spa facilities for FREE, which include:
Thermal Springs Pool

Thermal Infra Room
Aroma Steam Room
Relaxation Lounge
Movie Lounge
Internet Access
Lockers & Safety Box
Luggage Room
Garden Terrace

After putting our stuff into the female lockers, we went to the female area where the hot spring pool, steam room and infra room are located. If you are carrying valuable belongings, Pedas has safety box facility to safeguard your items while you enjoy your holistic journey there. 

#19 Thermal Springs Pool

A 20 minutes dip in the hot spring pool was so relaxing, and the temperature of water was just right for our body temperature. We had fun splashing water and taking pictures in the pool! Remember to drink plenty of water after that ya...

#20 Thermal Infra Room

The steamy hot Aroma Steam Room was so foggy inside that I couldn't take any pictures. This Thermal Infra Room, on the other hand, was my favourite because I could sit around, relax and enjoy the warmth. The best part bout it is, it helps in detoxification and weight loss!

#21 Changing Room 

#22 Toiletries are provided for shower

#23 Movie Lounge

If you feel like spending whole day there, feel free to do so, 
because there is a movie lounge for you to enjoy watching Astro channels while relaxing on a couch.
It is part of the exclusively-built audio visual entertainment facilities in Pedas.

#24 Internet Lounge

Pedas Springs Spa is also equipped with private internet access facilities
that put you in touch with the outside world even as you stay in the calm surroundings.

#25 Pedas' Philosophy

Massage Therapy
#26 VIP Suite - Massage Room

After taking a short rest of 30 minutes, we headed for a 60-minutes Bliss Aroma Massage Therapy at one of the VIP suites. It was one of the signature treatments from the rich menu of therapies that use pure and high-quality herbs and spices to revitalize the body and soul. 

#27 The essential oil used here is BLISS from UK, which comes in 3 basic flavours: Relax (Lavender, marjoram, orange), Reenergize (Cedarwood, grapefruit and lemongrass) and Refresh (Citrus orange and grapefruit).

Actually you can find a diverse range of sheer relaxation options there with therapists well-versed in different ways to pamper yourself. Other signature treatments include Pedas Foot Massage, Aroma Head and Shoulder Massage, Springs Intensive Face Therapy, Ear Candling and even Tummy Trim Treatment

 Nail Care Therapy
#28 We were at the Foot Soak section to pamper our nails! Gelish nail service (Gelish Manicure, French Manicure, Premium Spa Manicure) includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment and gel polish.

#29 We were spoilt with choices of gelish nail art designs and OPI nail colours on the shelves!

#30 Senri and I opted for pedicure instead, where trimming, shaping, buffing and cuticle care were taken care of. A basic manicure took around 30-45 minutes, so we just sat back and relaxed!

#31 List of Nail Care Therapy

#32 The outcome looks good!

Post-treatment High Tea
My body and soul were both satisfied, but my stomach was growling! At the Relaxation Lounge, Pedas Springs Spa provides food and beverages for all day long! If you're having birthday party, spa party, or any group more than 5 pax, they will prepare more varieties on the buffet spread! 

#33 Signature Ginger Tea

I heard that lots of foreign customers come here just for this! Well, you can bring a bottle of 750ml home and that alone will cost hundreds. So why not enjoy the tea here! Drinking this made me feel better when I was suffering from the cold.

#34 Tuna finger sandwich, egg sandwich, seasoned tuna paste in egg are some of the savories for high tea.

#35 Baked Cheese Cake- My favourite among all! So moist, dense and melts in the mouth perfectly!

#36 Hot Vegetable Soup- Well-seasoned with black pepper, and makes a comfort food for soul!

#37 Bubur Chacha- Such hot sweet soup is simple yet comforting and not cloying at all.

#38 Thank you Esther, Isabel, Senri, Illy and Tammy for coming!

Actually I took quite some time to arrange this pampering session with my blogger friends since all of us had busy schedules, and the worst thing had yet to come: I was very sick (Fever, flu and cough) on the day of our trip! But I did enjoyed tremendously during our one-day trip there =) 

#39 My Verdict:

1. It was a great experience at Pedas Springs Spa- No complaints at all in terms of service, facilities, treatment and food. 
2. If you think that everything at Genting would cost a fortune, then spending at Pedas is an exception. For about RM200 per pax, it is definitely worth the values of facilities, treatments and food we enjoy. 
3. If you want to make your trip even more worthwhile, you can come as early as 9am and leave as late as 3am because Pedas Springs Spa operates for 18 hours a day, for 365 days a year!

#40 See you again, Pedas Springs Spa!

#41 Thank you to Benny, Jessey, Agnes, Michelle, Jazlyn and the team from Pedas Springs Spa for the warm hospitality =)

For more information, kindly visit:
Pedas Springs Spa at www.pedassprings.com

Pedas Springs Spa
(Opposite First World Hotel Lobby)
Lot No.1.17, First World Plaza, 
Genting Highlands Resort 
Contact: 603-6101 1385
Website: www.pedassprings.com
Email: info@pedassprings.com
Spa Treatments Hours: 9.00am - 3.00am daily


  1. Well done. Good write up. I dint know about yhis plc. May consider goibg next school hols

  2. looks like a very well-equipped and worthwhile spa! something to consider checking out the next time i'm at genting highlands, thanks :D

  3. whoah so many facility! It is like Heaven! did the pedas spa pedaskan you or not? XD

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