11 September, 2013

Kapiti, A New Zealand Original Ice Cream

#1 KAPITI: Ice Cream of Unique and Raw Individualism, 
Premium with a Distinct New Zealand Flavour

Kapiti has recently landed on the shore of Malaysia! It is a premium ice cream and cheese maker in New Zealand since year 1984. I'm glad to be among the first to try Kapiti New Zealand's premier and iconic ice cream during its launch in Malaysia.

Here are some of the variants available in Malaysia. The colorful packaging itself already makes a good reason for me to grab some from the store. There are over 20 flavours to choose from, luckily the details are perfectly displayed on the box so that you know what you're having. 

#2 Mr Matt Ritchie, New Zealand Trade Commissioner

According to Ritchie, New Zealanders love their ice creams to be natural, additive-free products, and willing to pay a higher price for quality. That makes Kapiti a best selling gourmet brand there, as Kapiti ice creams' distinctive taste comes from the use of real fruit and natural ingredients.

#3 Mr Darren Tan, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sungei Timur Sdn Bhd

Being an ice cream connoisseur, Darren on behalf of Sungei Timur, is the sole distributor of Kapiti in Malaysia. With Kapiti, they aim to bring the old fashioned wonder and delight of ice cream into the lives of Malaysians, young and old.

#4 Launch of Kapiti Ice Cream: Mr Shamsul Amree from MAS, Mr Matt Ritche from New Zealand Trade Commissioner and Mr Darren Tan from Sungei Timur, flanked by MAS stewardesses

Kapiti is already available at major grocers, supermarkets including Ben's Independent Grocer, the venue of the day. Now we can also enjoy the decadent taste of Kapiti 30,000 feet up in the air as Malaysia Airlines serves it to their on-board customers and at the Regional and Golden Lounges. 
#5 KAPITI Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate & Raspberry, Triple Chocolate
(Available in 1 Litre tub @ RM38.80)

These are the best-selling and award-winning flavours that you shouldn't miss! Kapiti has also created some legendary flavours- Hokey Pokey (A New Zealand icon- Creamy ice cream swirled with Hokey Pokey) and Boysenberry (Ice cream swirled with plump, sun-drenched Nelson boysenberries sauce). 

#6 KAPITI White Chocolate & Raspberry, Boysenberry, Passionfruit Yoghurt
(Available in mini stick multipacks @ RM22.90 per 6 in a box) 

KAPITI Chocolate Cup (145ml) @ RM7.90 
(Premium Vanilla ice cream, swirled with choc flakes, topped with a rich fudge sauce and crisp shell)

Despite of being spoilt with choices, I highly recommend first timers to try on Boysenberry--- the plump, sun-drenched boysenberries that make the coulis are from the heart of Nelson, located at New Zealand's South Island. The taste is so refreshing and natural that I don't mind cheating on my diet for a day!

#7 Chef Maria Conte demonstrating the Kapiti Ice Cream Pavlova

Ice cream can be more exciting when paired with desserts. Chef Maria shared with us her simple pavlova recipe--- Just prepare a meringue, gently spread ice cream to the top of meringue and arrange the fruits on top. 

#8 Pavlova with Red Berries Coulis and Vanilla Ice Cream

Here's a perfect combination of dense ice cream, airy meringue and fresh fruits, now who say dessert can't be healthy? Meringue is a bit tricky for non-bakers, how about making a Vanilla Berry Milkshake instead? The milkshake, using Kapiti Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, combined with strawberries and cold milk is extra creamy, cooling and delicious! 

#9 Sugar Cane Basket with Berries and Vanilla Ice Cream

#10 Wantan Layered Vanilla Ice Cream

#11 Sugar Cane Basket with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Ice Cream

#12 Piping Kapiti Vanilla Ice Cream onto Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

#13 Moist Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with Kapiti Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Chips

Thanks Chef for the several wonderful ways to enjoy Kapiti ice cream, 
now my scoops of ice cream don't look boring anymore.

#14 Kapiti Affogato by Plan B Roasters

Inspired by the traditional Italian dessert of vanilla ice cream served with a shot of espresso coffee, Plan B Roasters at Publika Mont Kiara now serves Kapiti Affogato, finely crafted into a classic, premium flavour combination that truly deserved to be savoured. 

#15 Original Kapiti Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Good ice cream comes from the amount and quality of milk solids, dairy and the craftsmanship. Rich and dense, yet not overly sweet for my liking. That's how the back-to-basic Vanilla Bean flavour made its way as the Best Premium Vanilla Ice Cream in the New Zealand Ice Cream Awards. 

#16 Kapiti Black Doris Plum and Creme Fraiche Ice Cream
Robust sweetness of Central Otago plums combine superbly with the tartness of Kapiti Creme Fraiche

After the launch event, my ice cream adventure with Kapiti continued at home with the exotic plum flavour in 100ml cups. It is a perfectly smooth blend of Kapiti's thick fermented fresh cream and sweet dark red plum. A truly enticing sweet sour flavour, with a fragrant fruity aroma! 

#17 Kapiti Triple Chocolate Ice Cream
Dark chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips

I feel young again as I sink my teeth into the creamy, less sweet Kapiti Triple Chocolate which gained The Best Kid's Choice Award in 2005. As the name suggests, I thought it'd be too sweet for my liking. Surprisingly, the rich cocoa combination is well balanced with a hint of bitterness in the dark chocolate. 

I can't wait to savour the Hokey Pokey and Double Cookies & Cream flavours in 100ml cups! 

Kapiti Ice Cream, a great brand to spread the cheer of ice cream Kiwi style to Malaysians!

Now what are you waiting for? Time to shop for your favourite gourmet ice cream! Kapiti is available at B.I.G. Publika, Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Teco, Mydin, Hero Supermarket and convenient stores nationwide.

For more information, visit Kapiti at its website or Facebook page


  1. look yummy and healthy! I love chocolate and fruits flavoured ice-cream, I don't mind paying extra money for good ice-cream loh haha
    do you know if this brand is available in AEON Jusco? it's the nearest supermarket I can get to ><

    Heaven Knows

  2. wooo another premium icecream now in malaysia! i want that Kapiti Triple Chocolate Ice Cream :D

  3. They look yummy. But can't have them every day


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