12 September, 2013

Review: MIVVA Box, September Edition: Glow Gizmo

The September 2013 MIVVA Beauty Box features a great number of sample-sized products to make you glow from head to toe. Well, I mean a healthy glow on the hair, eyes, cheek and face. As soon as I saw the product guide with the phrase "Glow Gizmo", I'm excited to explore the content of the box. Oh ya, I am glad that MIVVA introduces me to some new makeup brands this month.

I have arranged the product according to my liking. 
Rank #1 is the item I loved most, Rank #10 is my least preferred item.

#1 ARTY Professional Mania Face Color (FULL-SIZED!@ RM45

Face Color originates from the craziness of color makeup. It contains natural extracts (Apple, peach, avocado and cranberry) to nourish the skin and give a healthy glow. It comes in over 60 vibrant, highly pigmented colours, in either matte or shimmer finish. 

The shade in my box is F8, a shimmery coral pink color that gives an instant vibrant complexion to the skin. I think this color suits the summer look when applied as eyeshadow, but I personally prefer using it as a blusher instead. 

Beauty Tips: Lightly sweep the brush through the blush and tap it to remove the excess. 
ARTY Face Color is very intense and highly pigmented, so just start off with a little blush.

It has a highly pigmented soft texture that makes blending so easy and comfortable on the skin. And I love the shimmer finish that is suitable for use during the day and night. I should really try out other colors like the mesmerizing Muted Turquoise for a pair of stunning eyes! =)
#2 MIAcare Monthly Silicon Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens (1 Pair) @ RM138 for 6 pcs

Colourless contact lens for monthly wear with smart base curve design, 
Almoist Plus (Dual moisture and cell activation mechanism) and UV protection. 

Being a contact lens wearer since 8 years ago, I love trying different brands before I find the perfect pair for my eyes. Special thanks to MIVVA for providing the lens of my power, this is the right time for me to try on another new brand. 

#3 ASIENCE Hair Care 

ASIENCE moisturise, repair, protect and soften the hair with the nourishing benefits of 5 essences including Korean Ginseng Camellia Oil and Pearl Protein. Now everyone can has supple and bouncy hair from root to tip! Available exclusively at Watsons, JUSCO and AEON Wellness

Oh the hair care products came in just at the nick of time! I was thinking about switching to another brand, coz' my hair is getting more and more frizzy and rebellious :( And Asience hair products are good for both the scalp and hair, so why not give it a try?

#4 ASIENCE Shine Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner (15ml per sachet)
Shampoo: RM14.90 for 220ml, RM26.80 for 530ml
Conditioner: RM14.90 for 220ml, RM26.80 for 530ml

Best for my dry hair, as it is able to repair, strengthen and protect damaged hair while replenishing lost moisture and nutrients. The shampoo may not have sweet floral scent, but I love the smell of herbs that soothe the scalp.
#5 ASIENCE Nature Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (15ml per sachet)
Shampoo: RM14.90 for 220ml, RM26.80 for 530ml
Conditioner: RM14.90 for 220ml, RM26.80 for 530ml

Using new Asian Beauty Formula, it helps to soften dull hair and balance the scalp's moisture. Honestly speaking, my hair is slightly smoother immediately after the hair wash. I hope the smoothing effect is long-lasting for my untamed hair...

#6 SOMANG EcoPure Perfect White Sun Cream SPF50+/PA+++ 
(2ml per sachet) @ RM89.90 for 50ml

This whitening sun cream provides strong UV protection, while reducing uneven pigmentation
and create a barrier that protects the skin  against wrinkles and sun-induced age spots. 

My favourite sunblock is always lightweight and fluid. I'm not a fan of creamy type of sunblock because of its stickiness. But luckily SOMANG sun cream feels moisturized on the skin and gives a light coverage when applied under makeup. 

Whenever I feel like going out without makeup, applying this alone is good enough for a glowing skin. 

#7 SOMANG Like A Dessert Air-Bliss BB SPF30/PA++
(2ml per sachet) @ RM94.90 for 50ml

Korean BB cream is always a good choice for those who love light, smooth coverage on the skin. It is quite fluid, weightless and therefore enables the skin to breathe and doesn't clog the pores. I am sure it comes in different shades, but the shade I got here is one tone lighter than my original skin.

The coverage is rather moderate, but I love the way it stays moisturized on the skin 
without any stickiness for long hours. 

#8 SOMANG Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner and Emulsion
(5ml per bottle) @ RM174.90 for 160ml

Time to regain the skin's original power back with the harmony of Yin and Yang! The anti-wrinkle emulsion and toner improve blood circulation while enhancing skin's absorbing power and flexibility. It keeps skin moistured and soft too. 

Similar to the toner and emulsion from MIVVA Box July edition, this round it has anti-wrinkle property to combat aging. Both toner and emulsion have light gel-like consistency, that forms a smooth, thin protective layer on the skin. 

For more information for SOMANG, visit www.facebook.com/SomangMalaysia 

#9 BEAUTYMATE Purifying and Brightening Nano Mask (美肌之志净白淡斑纳米面膜
(25g per piece) @ RM36.90 for 7 pcs

Contains gentiana lutea root, kiwi, coconut, aloe and natural black pearl powder. Helps lock in moisture, nourish and improve skin tone through brightening, whitening and hydrating effects. Suitable for all skin types especially those with uneven skin tone. 

Beautymate is a trusted brand for me now, after few encounters of Beautymate products in previous MIVVA box. For the mask range, I've tried Beautymate Polypeptide Collagen Revitalizing Mask (Blogged: HERE). For this Nano Mask, the quality of the mask sheet is slightly better (Thicker now) with lots of essence in it.

My Verdict:
Material: ☆☆
Functionality: ★★★☆ 
Comfort: ★★★
Ease of Use: ★★★★★

Overall: 3.5/5

#10 IGEL Aire Multipurpose Disinfecting Solution (360ml) (FULL-SIZED!) - Price unknown

Specifically design for all Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses but can also be used on other soft contact lenses. Its double moisturizing advantage provides the wearers with greater comfort and a proper clean and virtually microbe-free contact lens.

Each bottle comes with an anti microbial lens casing. Unfortunately I am very particular with eye care, and only trust one brand so far. But I have tried this, and the result is satisfying. No more feeling dry and stinging on the eyes!

#11 Bonus Item: Mirror Mirror on the wall

Little treat from MIVVA is definitely not be missed! The bonus item of the month is a magnifying handheld mirror in wooden frame, which is a must-have in every girl's bag. 


What I like about MIVVA Box, September Edition:
  • Value for money! The total value in this month's box is over RM100++ but it costs only RM38.
  • Loaded with a variety of products, for self-pampering from hair to eyes.
  • 2 Full Sized Items! ARTY Face Color itself is already my fave among all!
What I don't like about MIVVA Box, September Edition:
  • Nothing! I totally have no complaints bout this month's box. Hopefully next month would be another great surprise for me.
MIVVA helps women discover beauty. 
If you want to be surprised with deluxe beauty products, MIVVA is a great choice!

Subscribe for a month at RM38 each, 
or RM114 for 3 months with 190 points,
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