21 October, 2013

Halloween Horror Spirits 2013 @ Genting Highlands

Halloween is around the corner, do you have any plans yet? Parties? Celebrations? Well, if those are too mainstream for you, why not head to Genting Highlands for some thrilling and spine-chilling experience?

Back by popular demand, the Halloween Horror Spirits 2 is a continuation of ghostly adventure from Halloween Horror Spirits last year, now with twice the scares and thrice the fun! If you thought Genting Outdoor Theme Park is already closed, the good news here is that it reopens its doors only for FIVE nights (19, 24-27 October 2013) for the ghoulish attraction.

I invited my best friend along for a media session with the fellow bloggers during the very first day of Halloween Horror Spirits 2. Be warned, there is no turning back and this is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted. 

My ghastly adventure begins here!

Genting Outdoor Theme Park reveals five horror attractions, each with different themes 
and stories behind the creepy faces. Hold your friend tight, and get ready for the adventure!

Walk through the dark alley and be prepared for the goose bumps and shivers down the spine.


Every playground was once a fun place to visit until criminal cases take place.
If I were 10 years younger, I think I wouldn't visit any playground for at least 1 month after this. Lol.

 Beware of the ghosts around you! They'll pop out from nowhere and scare you from the back.

I was taking pictures happily there, until she (the middle one) came to me and scared the hell
out of me! I hate people pointing sharp scissors at me with their eyes wide open T___T

Eerie's laughter and claps filled the air of the shivering cold night...


The streets of the second spooky zone looks more fun and happening, with some sexy songstresses singing out their bitter fate through the classic song, 夜上海. Travelling back in the 1930s, here I met the twisted hawkers and rickshaw men along the streets, well just remember to beware of them...

The bun seller was very similar to the classic drama I watched, but... here I assume he was selling Human Meat Bun (人肉叉烧包) because he dared me to open the dim sum tray, and guess what I saw after that!!! *I can't tell la, but it's really scary!*


Welcome to the ghostly home of the evil spirits. One stormy nights many years ago, a family was possessed by dark forces, leaving unsolved mysteries and legends for you to explore! Chicken like me entered the haunted house and ran the hell out of there. Hahaha...

I saw someone fiercely guarding the kampung huts, and the well too!!

 Ghost Village (猛鬼村)


Get onto the escalator, and it will lead you to the prison fortress, with lots of prisoners going insane and ultimately depressed. No photography is allowed inside, but I warn you...the spirits are wandering along the hallways, waiting for youuu...

 ZONE #5

If you still remember the stage at Genting outdoor theme park, this is where the City of Walkers is. Car accident and plane crash left the passengers stranded here, and they transformed into vampires, coming to prey on you!

As ghostly as it may seem, this zone was more entertaining actually! Lol.

Great entertainment! The zombies were performing the PSY's Gentleman dance.
I uploaded a video of it on Instagram, feel free to watch it HERE.

After exploring all the zones in the Horror Land, I finally managed to escape myself
and brought a  #HHS2 T-shirt home!

Halloween Horror Spirits 2 is strictly for visitors of 13 years old and above only
NO costumes / masks are allowed.

Halloween Horror Spirits 2 Ticket Pricing:
  • RM48 (Normal Price)
  • RM38  for Genting Rewards Card member, Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCard member, wristband holder of Indoor Theme Park One Day Unlimited Ride Pass on the event day 
  • RM35 via iHoliday online booking
Quick, come visit Halloween Horror Spirits 2 @ Genting Outdoor Theme Park this week
before it is officially closed for renovation. 

Halloween Horror Spirits 2013
Date: 19, 24, 25, 26 & 27 October 2013
Time: 8pm – 12midnight
Venue: Genting Outdoor Theme Park 

For more information, call 03–6101 1118 or visit


  1. That is fun! I saw the red dress lady looks like choulyin...lol...dun tell her...shhhh

  2. Walao, so scary~~ Luckily I didn't go with Sam >.<

  3. Ew, feel so scary but seems fun! Feel like want to go ><

  4. Never participate in any halloween party before, this one looks interesting eh, but I worried I will get nightmare after the this;p

  5. ohmyyyy! thats creepy!! why u are not in ur costume?


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