25 October, 2013

Review: Bidanpo Hwa-Chim TCA Mediental Clinic Mask

When it comes to skincare, I'd never be lazy because I know my dry skin very well :( Recently I'm going adventurous with Korean masks, especially the famous 2-step mask. The Korean Bidanpo 2-Step Double Functional Mask consists of “Clinic Mask” with an oriental formula and “Effect Booster” to promote absorption of essence into the skin.

Product Description:

The mask combines clinical ingredients using a principle of 12 precious fermenting solution and oriental medicine beauty care that create synergy and improve troubled skin. With the extra ‘Clinic Mask Sheet' with bamboo matured ‘Jeong-hwa Fermentation Solution’ featuring the best of oriental medicine aesthetic care, it helps clear acne and blocked pores, for a moisturized, refreshed complexion.

....after all the long-winded explanation, I still don't get what is the main purpose of the mask!!
Let me put it into a simple way now...

[STEP 1] The mask base ampoule is used to prep your skin before applying the mask, 
so that the essence is more easily to be absorbed.

The usual Taiwanese 2-step mask I've seen normally guides users to use the face mask first, followed by the cream / moisturizer / gel (or whatsoever you wanna call it) to promote absorption. But the Korean oriental formula of Bidanpo teaches us the other way round.

The ampoule is a yellowish gel, with nice floral scent which I love alot. The texture is not too thick but a little sticky for me. It is able to create a thin layer over the skin and quickly absorbed into the skin. Always pat your face gently to stimulate a greater absorption rate. 

 [STEP 2] Place the mask sheet onto the layer of ampoule on the face. Leave for 15-20 minutes,
 then remove the mask. Pat your face again to absorb the remaining essence.

The mask is also very rich in floral / woody scent, because of its oriental formula I guess. 
Well, the scent is still acceptable for me, but then again it feels rather sticky on the skin.

1. Extra-moisturizing facial serum (ampoule)
2. Combats blemishes and tightens pores 
3. Reduces wrinkles
4. Whitening effect
5. Rejuvenates the skin

My Verdict:
I love the scent and moisturizing feeling on the skin, despite of its sticky essence. Well I don't feel much difference for the first use, as our skin takes at least 4 weeks to improve. So the mask is most effective to be used continuously twice a week for 4 weeks. 

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