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27 October, 2013

Review: My Beauty Diary 5 Continents 2-Step Masks

Following my satisfying experience with My Beauty Diary Intensive Eye Masks, I was tempted to try their latest product: 5 Continents 2-Step Mask. Here's a 5-in-1 package, comprising of 5 different 2-step masks so that I can try all before deciding which suits me the best.

What Is 2-Step Mask?
 The 2-step mask consists of 2 parts: Step 1 is to deliver nutrients into the skin
Step 2 to lock nutrients in the skin to achieve best result.

How To Use 2-Step Mask?

 Step 1: Apply the mask in Step 1 onto the face for 20 minutes, athen remove it. 
Massage the excess serum into the skin, and don't wash it off.
 Step 2: Apply the cream in Step 2 sufficiently onto the face to lock nutrients. 

Yes, just as simple as that! 

I just got a pack of 2-step mask, with 5 pieces of different masks in it.

The packaging is so colorful that it caught my attention at the first sight! 
5 colors are to resemble 5 continents around the world- Asia, America, Oceania, Africa and Europe. 

#1 Europe Clarifying 2 Step Mask
Natural black rose and rose honey help to brighten and clarify the skin.

The Step 1 Black Rose Brightening Mask can restore a natural glow to the skin,
well I've tried once but there's nothing much to shout about the mask. 

The noteworthy part is the Step 2 Rose Honey Refining Gel, a translucent honey-like gel which I find very refreshing for me and good for locking the 'nutrients' of the mask into the skin. And I love the light rosy scent that soothes my mood =) 

#2 America Soothing 2 Step Mask
Calendula and cotton extract soothe, repair and strengthen fragile skin.

The Step 1 Calendula Soothing Mask is a great moisturizing mask that I enjoy.

What I love about it:
  • Lots of thick essence in the packet
  • Durable material for the mask
  • It dampens the skin pretty well
  •  Yes, it's just the way I love it :) 
While the Step 2 Cotton Moisturizing Emulsion is quite rich and thick. It is a tad creamy that it sticks onto the skin. I don't really enjoy the feeling and can't wait to wash it off within an hour.

After applying the face mask and cream, the skin becomes more glowing instantly.
I love the soft and velvety feeling!

#3 Africa Hydrating 2 Step Mask
Mango and Myrtle extract help moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

No worries, the Step 1 Mango Moisturizing Mask doesn't smell like mango at all, haha. While the Step 2 Myrtle Rejuvenating Emulsion is quite similar to other face cream. Good for dehydrated and flaky skin.

#4 Asian Brightening 2 Step Mask
Job's tears and wild yam extract help to brighten and hydrate the skin.

The Step 1 Job's-tears Brightening Mask sounds great for dry and coarse skin that needs brightening. True to its name, this is the best pick if you want a translucent rosy baby-like skin once again. While the Step 2 Wild Yam Hydra Cream is, again, tad oily for me. 

#5 Oceania Firming 2 Step Mask
Algae and marine collagen hydrate the skin while leaving it firm and supple.

I think my best pick after an exhausting day is the Step 1 Glasswort Hydrating Mask! All I want is to go home, slap on a piece of oceanic refreshing mask and sleep. It gives a refreshing feel especially for tired or thirsty skin. Make sure you apply the Step 2 Marine Firming Cream after 15-20 minutes.

2 Step Mask retails at RM49.90 per pack (8 in a pack) 

My Verdict for My Beauty Diary 2 Step Mask:
1. I love the cute design and ease of use. Just slap on a mask and I can enjoy a soothing effect that makes me feel less tired immediately.
2. The instantaneous soothing and moisturizing effect is evident after trying all 5 types of masks. 
3. For the second step, I think it is a good idea to have gel / emulsion / cream to maximize the effect of the mask. The gel for Europe Clarifying mask is my favourite among all, but I'd avoid the cream type.

If you are a fan of My Beauty Diary face masks, I'd recommend you to buy in a package of 15 pieces of masks in different variations and improved formula. Grab them quick at any SASA, Guardian and Watsons nationwide!

For more information, visit My Beauty Diary at:


  1. wow the packaging of the mask for this brand is getting more and more fancy. hehe

  2. I like their mask, moist and non-greasy, will definitely sapu few boxes from my Taiwan trip;p

  3. haha so cute one the cover of the mask. hmm i rarely use mask.. thats why my face like moon surface only. TT


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