14 November, 2013

Amber Chia Mesmerized by Pensonic Launch

At the media appreciation party in conjunction with the launch of Amber Chia Mesmerized by Pensonic hair care series, I was glad to meet the bubbly Amber in person. Being an iconic figure in the world of fashion, she owns a distinguished personality that is parallel to Pensonic diverse range of hair care products that is specially catered for different individuals. 

....Chency and Fishie in the house

Say hello to Baby Ashton and Amber Chia who was dressed in cheerful yellow party dress!

And of course, Alan Yun, one of the Pensonic friends and my foodie friend.

Good hair care and hair maintenance are essential to portray one's unique personality. Therefore, the new series of hair care products, Amber Chia Mesmerized by Pensonic include a wide range of hair dryers from home to professional use as well as hair curler that suits every hair type. 

 Err... I can't be sure which to focus on, the body or the product? 

Makeups and live hair styling demonstration were done by 
makeup artists and stylists from Amber Chia Academy.

 Here's another hot hunk, with a compact hair dryer, specially designed for travelling purpose.

To grace the event, Kev Yiu, the famous fashion designer from Hong Kong was there as the sponsor for all the gorgeous dresses worn by the models. The female models including Amber herself were wearing the Little Black Dress 2014 Le Noir Zodiac from KEV YIU Pre-Spring Collection.

 The star of the evening, Amber Chia, was holding Pensonic hair dryer
with ionic function that protects, nourishes and adds shine to the hair.

I love the dress designed by the talented Hong Kong designer, Kev!

Supermodel, Amber with fashion designer, Kev Yiu and Pensonic executive director, Nelson Chew

 Let's reveal the full collection of the latest revolutionary hair products!

 Out of all the items, this sparkling hairdryer became the centre of attention. Beautifully embellished with silver and red Swavorski elements, the value of this hairdryer went up to RM2,500! A lucky winner with the most outstanding hairstyle walked away with this fabulous prize.

Amber said that this ss the most expensive hairdryer she ever owns!

So pretty right? It's every girl's dream to own such an awesome hair dryer!!

Thank you Pensonic for one of the compact hair dryers I brought home. Can't wait to check out
the curling tong that can heat up to 230 degree Celcius for a salon quality performance on the go!

All the new hair care products are available at major electrical appliance stores and Pensonic's authorized dealers. For more information about Pensonic, please visit www.pensonic.com

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