14 December, 2013

La Belle Paris Skincare - Ampoules, Toner, Mask & More!

Christmas is around the corner, and nothing could be a better gift than a set of 
Parisian skincare products to pamper myself and prep me for the brand new year! 

The Parisian brand, LA BELLE is famed for its signature Ampoules which use cutting-edge technology to combine finest natural botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes for the best of our skin. 

Formulated in France, each drop of ampoule is like precious essence that works wonder on the skin! At first, I am skeptical of its effectiveness, but indeed my skin has shown remarkable improvement after using them for 2 weeks.  

And the good news is, this brand is now available in Malaysia at Sweet Ampoules Online Store (www.sweetampoules.blogspot.com). Being one of the authorized distributors of LA BELLE in Malaysia, you can find different series of products on the website. If you are unsure about which type of ampoule better suits your skin, the friendly shop owner will be more than happy to provide professional advice and personal opinion for your condition. 

As for me, La Belle Ampoule is now one of the essentials for my daily skincare. I love its versatility and convenience, as I can use it under my makeup during the day and before my night skincare regime and mask treatment. 

Day time: Cleanser -- Toner -- Ampoule / Essence -- Makeup / Sun Protection
Night time: 
 Cleanser -- Toner -- Ampoule / Essence -- Night cream 
Pampering time:  Cleanser -- Toner -- Ampoule / Essence -- Mask Treatment 

I am currently using 4 types of ampoules and 1 essence. But if you'd like to explore more, LA BELLE offers more than 20 types of ampoules and essences for different skin types, each comes in a box of 10 vials of the same type (3.5ml each). Price ranges from RM35 to RM70 per box. 

10 main types of La Belle Ampoule:
1. Éclair (Whitening) 
2. Acnex (Control breakouts)
3. Clarifying (Reduce scars)
4. Sooth Hydrating 
5. Collagen Repair (Refine skin)
6. Fair Make-Up (Revitalize tired skin)
7. Eye Luxe (Reduce dark circles)
8. Vitamin C Plus (Detoxifying)
9. Lifting Astringent (Tighten skin)
10. Pore Minimizing 


LA BELLE Ampoule Vitamin C Plus is suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. Besides detoxifying and tightening pores, the skin can achieve better glow and radiance.

People living a night owl lifestyle like me can now have beautifully glowing skin with Vita C Plus! To revitalize my tired and dehydrated skin, it requires lots of vitamins from the ascorbic acid in this ampoule. In fact, it's easy to use, all I do is applying a thin layer (I only use few drops for the entire face and neck!) over the skin, preferably day and night for optimal results. 

LA BELLE Ampoule Pore Minimizing is suitable for oily skin with open pores. Famed for its purifying, antiseptic and astringent properties, the ampoule unclogs and tightens pores. It balances sebum production and controls excess oil while reducing whiteheads and blackheads.

My clogged and enlarged pores need help!!! Without makeup, I'd look horrible with open pores around the nose and cheek area, therefore Cheryl from Sweet Ampoules advise me to use this. It is lightweight, transparent and feels like lotion when applied lightly over the entire face.

This is, by far, the most effective one I've tried among the La Belle ampoule series. The pores are less visible after 2 weeks of using it, and I love how it helps reduce whiteheads and blackheads around my T-zone too. Soon, I'll achieve a less oily and smoother complexion!

LA BELLE Ampoule Fair Make Up is suitable for dry, dehydrated and tired skin. It revitalizes tired skin, moisturises and provides essential minerals needed by skin cells to rebuild membranes.

This is more miraculous than I'd expect! Highly recommended for those who put on makeups everyday (Well, I know many of you do!) because it preps the skin with nutrients before you cover the cells with makeups. I love applying this as base layer that 'protects' the skin before applying foundation. 

LA BELLE Ampoule Eye Luxe is effective for treatment of delicate skin around the eye area. It helps to increase hydration, minimizes dark circles, reduces puffiness and wrinkles around eye contour area.

I seriously think I have the most stubborn dark eye circles on Earth because I see no improvement despite of using the best Bremenn Hylexin product for years. But this La Belle Eye Luxe still works great as an ultimate "anti-eye-aging" treatment by improving firmness and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. A little effort of massaging lightly in circular motion until fully absorbed is needed for better result. 

LA BELLE Gold Essence uses high concentration of natural and organically derived botanical nutrients to slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin. 24K Pure Gold Leaf helps in speeding up active regeneration to produce healthy, firm skin cells, brighten skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Have you ever wonder what's the biological age for your skin? Similar to the ampoules, this premium essence is lightweight and colorless but I notice some 24K gold leaf flakes in it. It blends well into the skin, and I usually apply it before sleep to keep my skin moisturized throughout the night :) 

Each drop of essence is so precious that you can use only few drops a day, and a little should go a long way. The shop owner is so kind that she provides me the airtight container with a dropper so that I can control the amount used wisely. 

La Belle Paris Rose Toner is formulated from pure extract of rose flower to regenerate and rebuild the skin cells and to increase the vitality of the skin. Its alcohol-free formula with Aloe and Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory, contraction and sedative effect.

Besides ampoules and essence, La Belle offers marine scrub, toner, mask and even slimming cream! The super awesome Paris Rose Toner in my hand now is my personal favourite because of its sweet rosy scent and refreshing sensation. You can apply it on cotton pad or spray onto cleansed face gently.

Due to its high degree of moisture, La Belle Rose Toner is also used as an activator to mix the La Belle Powder Mask for your weekly facial treatment to achieve a double moisture effect on your gentle skin! Let's see how it works!

La Belle Vitamin C (Citrus) Powder Mask is botanically-based formulated for the optimal lightening, hydrating and anti-aging effect. It comes in 6 types: Aloe Vera, Peppermint Mint, Grey Clay Mud, Pearl White Extract, Rose Flower Extract, retailing at RM6 per pack which can be separated into 2-times usage a week. But I still prefer citrus because it smells so good like a Vitamin C health drink!

Half pack of the powder mask needs only 30ml rose toner or cold mineral water, to turn into a soft supple clay mask. It works best on our oily T-zone which is prone to blackheads and breakouts, by clearing the pores and prevent clogging. If you really want to pamper yourself, place the mask onto other parts of the body that are prone to breakouts such as the neck, back and shoulder areas. 

My first attempt of making clay mask is epic fail, lol. Despite of the overzealous amount of toner I pour in, the clay still sits well on the face but it clumps too quickly before I can blend it into a smooth paste. As long as it covers about 3-4mm on the face, the mask would be able to work effectively on the skin. After 30 minutes drying, the mask will begin to crack and it's time to remove it! 

La Belle skincare is highly recommended for makeup artists and freelance beauticians too. If you plan to get some for your girlfriends and family, be quick as Sweet Ampoules is having Christmas promotion now! 

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Quick, shop now at www.sweetampoules.blogspot.com
or stalk their Facebook page for more updates at fb.com/supersweetampoules!


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