14 January, 2014

Beauty Haul: Buy 2 FREE 1 at Nature Republic

Calling all beauty junkies and nature lovers! Are you ready for Nature Republic's 4th Anniversary Celebration? It is having a BUY 2 FREE 1 promotion STOREWIDE at ALL Nature Republic outlets throughout Malaysia, from 11 January to 30 January 2014. Excited or not?

To celebrate Nature Republic's 4th birthday, it held an exclusive event at one of its largest outlets at Berjaya Times Square, KL on the first day of the promotion. Of course I was there to enjoy their exclusive offers!

*First 50 customer purchase RM99 and above FREE EXO poster, EXO face cotton, Umbrella, Travel Kit
*Every purchase of RM40 FREE 1 piece of face mask
*Every purchase RM50 FREE recycle bag

Nature Republic is an eco-friendly brand that emphasizes on discovering the great nature's beauty secret and uses natural ingredients around the world. Fret not if you have sensitive skin, because the skincare and makeup products are derived from pure nature, solely from the great earth! 

Nature Republic was serving the shoppers with thirst-quenching beverages from CoolBlog, along with cotton candy and party popcorn from Media Party Planners from 12pm to 5pm on that day. 

*nom nom nom before continue shopping!* 

Selfies with le girls before everyone goes gaga with the shopping spree...Girls, let's go shopping! 

Honestly, I didn't know where to start from, because the outlet was so huge, and there are so many sections for skin care, body care, hand care, bestselling items, nail care, makeup and even men's corner!

Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Gel Foam Cleanser (White and green tube)
Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (Transparent green can)

I have been using the Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel for almost a year now, and it's time to restock! The jelly-like translucent gel has a rich concentration of fresh aloe vera, best to moisturize the face, arms, legs, nails and hair!

I normally use it as leave-on sleeping mask at night, and base foundation during the day. For only RM32.90, I can haz the instant fresh and cooling sensation to the skin, with fast absorption and it's non-sticky at all! Definitely a must-have in your daily skincare regime! 

Nature Republic Whitening Collagen 90 Skin Booster

Formulated with a rich concentration (90%) of marine collagen, vitamin C, Arbutin and Italian orange water, it is one of the most popular Top 3 Whitening products. Best to nourish the skin and restore skin's glow! 

Bee Venom Pink Spot

I have seen the same product from many Korean cosmetic brands, but Nature Republic still remains top for this. The reason I love this is because it feels milder than others, and effectively clear off the redness on pimples in just a matter of days!

Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream [Best for dry skin!]

UV Lock Flower Sunblocks [Ranges from liquid to cream, with different strength of protection]

The area manager was introducing to us Nature Republic signature skincare product: Snail Solution Special Set that comes with Snail Therapy cream, ampoule and eye cream. Korean snail mucus and resurrection plant can help to brighten and enhance skin's elasticity. I have long heard about it, but yet to try one. Perhaps I should get some too!

Nature Republic Snail Solution Special Set

The peach and apple mango flavoured Nature Hand Cream smells good!

The wide varieties of eye shadows range from RM20.90 to RM31.90. 
I find it a great deal to purchase 3 different colors at a price of 2! 

Ahh... I need to walk off the shop before I spend more on these high-quality nail polishes!

Bee Venom Cleansing Foam // Eco Crayon Eyes #5 Smoky Grey  // Mono Flower Eye Brow 
Pencil #701 Natural Shine // Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

As the first 50 customers who purchased more than RM100, I got the Snail Solution Trial Kit (4 in a set!), 2 pieces of Whitening Collagen Dream Mask and Snaytox Mask, as well as Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Emulsion for FREE! :D Everything was nicely packed into a cute eco-friendly recyclable bag.

Since the Buy 2 Free 1 promotion is still ongoing, I think I should make another trip to Nature Republic outlets and grab more eye shadows, lipsticks, and skincare products! 

Be quick and grab your favourites before the promo ends!

Nature Republic
Lot 01-46 (Central),
1st Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2141 2067
Fax: 603-2141 1263

Visit Your Nearest Nature Republic Outlets Today!
* Sunway Pyramid - Subang (03-56221024)
* One Utama - Petaling Jaya (03-77223128)
* Cheras Leisure mall - KL (03-91300826)
* Queensbay Mall - Penang (04-6302132)
* Mahkota Parade - Melaka (06-2922324)
* City Square - Johor Bahru (07-2236266)
* AEON Mall - Kulaijaya
* Suria Sabah - KK (088-486890)
* The Spring - Kuching (082-241586)
* Wisma Sanyan - Sibu (084-321588)
* Boulvard Mall - Miri (085-411235)


  1. love the picture! :) as usual lah!!!

  2. i never knew about the bee venom! must give this one a try i guess? my forehead is currently infected with humongous zits and i am darn stressed about it =_=''

  3. OMG, I'm so gonna get your camera. Pm me your cam details pls~~~ lolx!

  4. Oh my so many free things for you, so nice!! I want to go shopping before CNY T_T

  5. Omg, thank you so much for sharing about the promotion sale! I've been a huge fan for the Aloevera 92% gel too because it's really soothing. Btw, there's a Nature republic outlet in gurney plaza penang too. I've followed you, mind following me back? :)

    starrybubu.blogspot.com x

  6. How about the price of aloe vera 92% ??

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