23 January, 2014

Review: Gwdihw Goody Hoo Natural Balms

Gwdihw, pronounced as Goody Hoo is the cutest name I ever encountered for a brand that provides wide array of natural herbal balms and soothers. Based in North Wales, UK, Gwdihw designs each and every product individually to treat specific problem areas as well as pamper you with its natural goodness.

Made using traditional methods and native Welsh herbs, Gwdihw balms are stored in tiny metal tins, with cute labels on it. They have been really well received in Asia so far, especially in Taiwan and China. But in Malaysia, frankly I haven't heard of it before. Guess it's time for me to try them out!

Ranges of Gwdihw Balms:
Bugs Away Balm // Busy Hands Balm // Cheeky Cherub Balm // First Aid Balm // Gardeners Balm
Magic Muscle Rub // Nail Wizard Balm // Night Owl Balm // Smoochy Lips Balm // Twinkle Toes Balm

 Smoochy Lips Orange and Lemon Balm (25g) £4.49 

With over 20 years experience of harnessing the healing properties from herbs, Gwdihw traditional lip balm uses only few traditional ingredients--- Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E. The scent from Lemon and Sweet Orange Essential Oil is very refreshing to my liking, and I love  the way it softens and protects the lips without any feeling of stickiness. Ideal for travel especially in warmer countries. 

Busy Hands Balm (25g) £4.49 

True to its name, our pair of precious hands need protection too. Nice to apply this when doing tough work using the hands, because it releases a minty sensation that relieves the tired hands. Beautifully scented with Marigold Flowers and Essence of Rosemary (with disinfecting properties!), it is soft and easy to apply a very thin layer over the hands. 

Night Owl Balm (25g) £4.49 

Similarly, all balms use the coconut oil as base. But for a good night sleep, the balm is best infused with Ylang Ylang Oil that boasts calming and relaxing properties. The scent is so smooth and relaxing that it suits both young and old! Just rub a little into your pulse points to calm body and mind...and have a sweet dream! *wink*

Unlike many stores that sell handmade balms, Gwdihw offers more than just balms!

For the range of soothers, the popular one is Gwdihw Muscle Soother, a soothing and cooling body lotion with a herbal formulation to relieve aches, pains and stiffness of muscles and joints. High in medicinal value yet the price is pretty affordable for all! 

3-in-1 Gwdi Bag (25g x 3) £11.99

Gwdihŵ has lots of pre-packed bags containing 3 balms each, but you can also customize your own unique Gwdi bag from the entire range of balms. The 100% natural balms have been working great for me, especially the effective night owl balm.  

The Gwdihŵ range is a perfect antidote for the stresses and strains of modern living, 
and free from artificial chemicals and colourants so are ideal for use by all the family

Gwdihŵ balms are available in shops worldwide or direct from this website.

For more information about Gwdihŵ,

Contact Details: 
Tel: 01492 593 062
Fax: 01492 585 322
Post: Unit 10a, Parc Caer Seion, Conwy LL32 8FA

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