02 January, 2014

Review: MIVVA Box, Happy January 2014!

My first surprise of the year!! Thank you MIVVA for so much of love, 

Something different from the usual black and white polka box, this time the latest MIVVA box is double the usual size! As I unopen the box, the amount of surprises also doubles because there are 4 FULL-SIZED items inside!! Excited or not?

It's an exclusive beauty box by the Japanese Kao Corporation, featuring few beauty brands under one roof including my favourite hair care brand, Liese, and popular beauty brand, Biore

I usually have love-hate relationship with oil-based remover. As much as I love the effectiveness of removing the waterproof mascara, I dislike the stickiness it creates on my skin. But Biore is different!! I swear I fall in love with it after reading Xiaxue's review and her Guide to Life video.

#1 Bioré Makeup Remover Wipes (44 sheets / packet)

This is the highly recommended product by Xiaxue!! And now it comes in newly improved formula- with hyaluronic acid and moisturizing essence, no wonder my skin feels so soft and supple after using it! 

The wipes come in a vacuum sealed package inside an airtight container, to maintain the moisture level of the cottony sheet. Maximum level of protection for the Biore wipes! 

Let's try it on my waterproof and anti-smudge eye makeup... Wow, the result is amazing! I can remove all traces of makeup around the eye instantly in just..... ONE wipe! To remove stubborn mascara, remember to place the sheet on closed eyes for 5 seconds before wiping off. 

Each cotton sheet is sufficient to remove thick makeups (even for your party look!) for the entire face. No joking! For daily basic makeup like mine, I only use half of the cloth to completely remove everything about the face, eye, lips and even neck. 


Despite of being oil-based, it doesn't leave the skin oily, sticky or greasy at all. To my surprise, my skin feels fresh after wiping. Now I know why so many bloggers WOWed about it.

The product is so easy to use, convenient and REFILLABLE
Definitely a must-bring item for travels!

 #2 Bioré Mild Cleansing Liquid (230ml)

I know I feel wasted when I didn't utilize the whole sheet of the wipe. For a more economic alternative, it is good to have a bottle of mild cleansing liquid at home, because it is water-based yet able to remove waterproof makeup gently and quickly on the skin. It feels similarly soft and smooth after wiping! 

Liese has been so popular over the years, and this brand is no longer a stranger to you. As for myself, I have used so many Liese hair care products from styling milk, hair serum to juicy shower. But the best product I love from them is their bubble hair color!  

 #3 Liese Bubble Hair Color

Now... time to have a new hair color for new year? Sometimes I just don't enjoy going for hair dye at saloon, yet end up not satisfied with the result. So let's DIY with Liese Bubble Hair Color! Just mix the solutions, massage your scalp and voila... the final color will be evenly spreaded.

I have blogged about it in October 2010 (more than 3 years back, and the product is still very popular now!). It retails at RM38.80 normal price but I usually wait for promotions at Watsons as the discount can go up to 20%. 

 #4 Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail (140ml)

The hair cocktail is a Bi-layer detangler that contains Repairing Water and Moisture Milk to hydrate, lock in moisture and coat hair smoothly for easy combing. It's another convenient hydrating hair spray I love bringing for travel because it is tightly capped and doesn't leak easily.

Remember to shake well, and just spray on the tangled portion of the hair and comb it smooth. Did I forget to mention that it smells great like grape juice? Must be delicious for my hair ;)

This is, by far, my favourite MIVVA box ever! Must get one if you haven't!

MIVVA helps women discover beauty. 
If you want to be surprised with deluxe beauty products, MIVVA is a great choice!

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  1. Ahhhh, Liese... i intend to get a new box for CNY to colour my hair. So convenient, easy to use. :D


  2. Should try Beautylabo's foam hair colour. The colour is more vibrant and last longer with less fading. Mine faded gradually until a point it just doesn't fade anymore, but the end colour is still something I like. It's been almost 6 months if not more since coloured

  3. Nice :D The biore makeup remover wipes is really effective!

  4. this box is available for subscriptions?

  5. How exactly do I subscribe? I've made an account but I don't see any subscription button

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