17 January, 2014

Tous Les Jours @ WOLO Bukit BIntang, KL

#1 When the first Tous Les Jours in Malaysia was opened in Bangsar, it became one of the hottest topics in town and the crowd during weekends was unimaginable! Good news for the shoppers, Tous Les Jours is now opened at Bukit Bintang, located directly opposite H&M near Pavilion KL.
#2 My first visit there was around 5pm during Christmas, and the cottage-inspired brick interior features clear glass windows that allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate and brighten the vintage ambiance. 

#3 Look at the gigantic breads for display! I'd wish I can have all of them.

#4 The freshly-baked loaves, pastries and cakes are beautifully arranged on the wooden blocks. Although some are left uncovered, the place is very hygienic with no flies therefore they are clean and safe for consumption.

#5 My favourite colorful macarons (RM4.50 each) are individually packaged and placed in the fridge.

#6 The ample space in the 2-storey outlet there allows patrons to dine comfortably on high stools by the windows, sofas with large tables, or al fresco, overlooking the hustles and bustles of the city. 

#7 I'm not really a bread person, but when it comes to buttery pastries, I couldn't resist myself from trying some of them! They are not only appealing to the eyes, but also pleasing to the palate. 

Let's enjoy our tea break here! 

#8 Dark Cherry Danish @ RM3.90

Crowned with three cute cherries, the danish roll was crispy on the side and fortunately not too soggy at the bottom. The taste of butter was rich and well-balanced with the sweetness of custard and dark cherries. Nice try, but it falls a little higher on the price. 

#9 Tous Les Jours also sells jam, jelly, rice bar, nuts and loads of dainty items!
#10 Milk Bread @ RM3.80

I had read about people praising the original flavoured milk bread, and was tempted to try too. I was expecting a milky custard layer inside the soft and airy bun, but unfortunately what I got was just a dollop of milk paste that gave a very mild milk flavour. 

#11 Empty milk bread -- Definitely not going back for this.

#12 Left: Mango Yoghurt Frappe @ RM10 // Right: Fresh Apple Juice @ RM10

If you are craving for a proper meal here, Tous Les Jours' ala carte menu offers you ideal breakfast sets, soup, salad, sandwiches as well as hot and chilled drinks. The drinks were refreshing and tasted great, but then again overpriced. 

#13 Grilled Mushroom Tartine @ RM21.00

Tartine is one of the famous French open-faced sandwich, here you can top your sour dough with a choice among tuna cheese, grilled mushroom, or crabmeat and scallop. Mine was layered with richly flavoured sauteed king oyster mushroom, button mushroom, shiitake mushroom and a beautifully poached egg. As a plus point, the bread was crispy at the edges, and soft inside. 

#14 Whole Egg Benedict @ RM9.90 

To my surprise, the egg benedict was fairly priced as compared to other breakfast places. I heard the egg benedict here was good --- Runny and rich with hollandaise sauce, but it seems different during my visit. We were disappointed because the poached egg was already well-cooked here. The sauce was very minimal, and other condiments did not look appealing to us. 

#15 Desserts from RM8.00 to RM10.50 per slice/ cup

Let's forget bout the egg, and proceed to desserts instead! The Red Velvet cake, Devil's Food cake and Tropical Mango cake looks really appetizing, I shall come back to try the rest of the selections.

#16 Tiramisu (Cup) @ RM8.90

Back to my usual favourite, a cup of chilled tiramisu was an awesome treat during a sunny afternoon. Each bite was a divine layer of texture in the mouth and I loved the way it melted smoothly with a hint of sweetness and robust flavour of the cocoa. 

#17 Total damage: RM78.20 for two pax 
Worth making a second visit for their coffee and more desserts!

1. A beautiful place to chill with bunch of friends, enjoy coffee and take pictures.
2. Considering it is located within the Golden Triangle, the price is still within the acceptable range, as quality of food and service is good, just that it is lacking of consistency. Who knows my egg benedict will be better during my next visit?
3. Recommended: Grilled Mushroom Tartine, Tiramisu 

Tous Les Jours,
WOLO Hotel,
126, 126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang.
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 8am - 11pm


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