12 February, 2014

NIVEA Brings Us The 1st Rinse-Off Body Lotion

Urgh. The weather is so hot recently, and I am facing a dilemma in applying body moisturizer. Putting on body lotion is a must to combat the dry weather that dehydrates my skin, but at the same time I don't feel like doing so because it sticks onto the skin and makes me feel so uncomfortable!

I need help! Is there any body lotion that does NOT stick onto the skin?

It seems like God really hears me! I was recently introduced to NIVEA's newly-launched
breakthrough innovation in body moisturization --- the very first rinse-off body lotion!

Yes, you didn't hear me wrong! NIVEA's latest In-Shower Skin Conditioner is meant to be used during shower and you do not need to leave it onto the skin with uncomfortable sensation. Goodbye to the sticky residue that irritates you especially during hot days!

Almost every female in this world wants to pretty, but most of us are lazy, don't you agree? Well, I admit I'm lazy to apply body lotion on a daily basis, plus I hate waiting for the lotion to dry off. People are just too busy for other stuff nowadays, but how about applying the lotion during shower? Isn't it more convenient, easy and time-saving! :D

What amazes me about NIVEA In-shower Skin Conditioners is that I don't have to wait for my body to absorb the body lotion! It is a revolutionary, hassle-free way to moisturize while in the shower that leaves your skin hydrated and silky soft instantly. It comes in two variants: 

#1 NIVEA In-shower Intensive Skin Conditioner (Almond Oil) for dry skin
#2 NIVEA In-shower Skin Conditioner (Sea Minerals) for normal skin

Trust me, it'd work miraculously on your skin in just 4 simple steps. Similar to how our hair needs a conditioner, this NIVEA conditioner works the same way onto your skin. After cleansing, simple apply NIVEA skin conditioner and then rinse off without having to leave it on for some time. Finally, you can towel dry and get dressed immediately.

Now I won't forget to apply body lotion!

What I Like About NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner

#1 Simple, quick and convenient: No more excuses of being lazy!
#2 It is a lotion-like conditioner with smooth velvety feeling
#3 Goodbye to dry, dull and peeling skin!
#4 It turns the skin soft and smooth instantly
#5 No sticky residue or uncomfortable feeling after applying
#6 Amazing moisturizing properties to help repair dry and damaged skin 

By the way, before you experience its goodness yourself, you can check out
The Sexy In-Shower Experiment and find out the secret towards smooth, sexy skin!

You may watch the video on www.youtube.com/MalaysiaNIVEA/IntheShower

Time to try the product for FREE! Head to NIVEA Malaysia Facebook page for FREE 10ml Trial Pack

And stand a chance to WIN 1 YEAR SUPPLY of NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner for yourself and also your BFFs by taking a pledge to make time for good things in life. First 5,000 participants will receive FREE 10ml trial pack NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner! PLEDGE now! Quick, visit https://apps.facebook.com/niveamagazine now!

NIVEA In-shower Skin Conditioners are now available in major pharmacies and supermarkets at RM16.90 (250ml) each.

For more information about NIVEA, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/mynivea


  1. Quite an innovative product. Rinse off lotion. I like it!



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